Been staying up later again

I like the late evenings. I’ve been staying up a little later again. I was trying to get to bed early so I could get my day started but have lapsed on that.

im still asleep by midnight most nights, and awake by 9am, when I start my day.

just a few years ago I would stay up til 3 or 4am and sleep til noon. so in some ways it feels like a return to normal. I used to be a night owl.

maybe I will go back to that if I can sleep that late again. the sun has been waking me up though when it comes up and the birds get noisy. the weird thing is having breakfast at noon or 1pm, but really it’s no different once you get used to it.

when I was staying up late we lived in a busy neighborhood with a lot of car traffic. the traffic would wake me up eventually, it was really noisy when people would accelerate just outside the house. it was not good for my mental health. I started to think people were listening to me sleep and my dreams and waking me up when I was in an enjoyable part of my dream. I got real agitated from that. here I don’t hear all the traffic from my room.

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