Been saving hard for a new tv - just bought it!


4K 55’’ hdr. Is not a premium one or anything. Mid range but will do me just fine. It comes with a 5 year warranty. Is arriving on Thursday.

Pretty excited!


Good for you. Nice job saving. :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


You are an inspiration…my mom told me last night she can’t afford to help us with Angie’s car needing an alternator installed… I have to save up $450…sheesh.


Sorry @jukebox that sucks. Hope you get it resolved soon.


Nice 4k TVs are cool.


55" is huge ! That’s going to be great to watch stuff on !


I have trouble saving up money these days. If I had enough money, I would buy a 4K computer monitor. I was actually just thinking yesterday that I wanted a 4K computer monitor. The TV and computer monitor I have at the moment are 1080p. The TV has hdr though.


I was told that for tv hdr is more impressive than 4k


Got the first 6 Star Wars on blu Ray!


Meesa jealous !


Lol! Nice reference


@jukebox am listening to outside just now. Brilliant album


yep, it’s time…thanks I’ll put it on too !!


Way to go! Enjoy!


Yay. Love some new electronics!!! Enjoy my friend!


Good going @Jimbob!


Nice man. Hope you enjoy it. :slight_smile:


When we got a 4k tva couple years ago our electric bill went up like $50/month. It was ridiculous.


I could have sworn that you posted before that you have wealthy parents. They really can’t help?


Congratulation on the TV … Now go watch something and enjoy :slight_smile: