Bed day today

Ive been in bed almost all day today. I sat in the recliner for 2 hours this morning then retreated back to bed. I just dont feel like doing anything. Its kinda grey outside and just feels like a day to be lazy. Im nervous though because days i stay in bed often lead to paranoia when i leave my room. Im considering skipping dinner and eating in the middle of the night just to avoid contact with my parents.


It’s good to take it easy on yourself if that’s what you need

My day has kind of been like that. I feel your pain.

Im like half enjoying and half fearful of paranoia. I just need a break from my daily lounge on the porch swing.

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I haven’t left my house much in awhile. I walked the dog this morning for 10 minutes, but other than that, it’s been a few days. I need to get out into the sun and get some Vitamin D, instead of being a cellar dweller

I lay in the sun every morning. Except today. The sun hasnt come out at all. I have a tan front of leg and white back of leg from sunbathing. My head is also very tan. And my left arm is more tan than my right arm because of how the porch swing is set up. Its quite funny. I have a swing tan.

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