Becoming a CAD technician

Thought a would post a bit of a life update. I enrolled on a college course a couple of days ago to study CAD, it is only 2 and a half hours a week so I can work while I study. I want to get the City and Guilds Levels 2 + 3 in CAD and try to go for a CAD technician job. I know there is a lot of jobs around for that at the moment so I thought I would give it a go.


Seems like you’d be doing the job of an engineer. I didn’t know a tech could plan a building or machinery.

Makes sense. Thanks @Moonbeam

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I was wanting to get a job draughting to start off with as it is an entry job. Then I could move on to more creative roles if I wanted to. That would be my dream though to be a creative professional, it always has been my dream job.

I loved CAD when I was in high school. Never pursued in college, which I probably should have. You can be self taught and have a company train you on the job. Its probably harder to go that route but I personally know of someone who did.

If there was something like that come up around here I would definitely take it. Think the chances are low though there is not much training in anything when I was looking for work recently.

I heard this is a good career. I’m not that interested in CAD but I heard you can make good money if you learn it well. Good luck.

I took drafting in high school and learned a bit of AutoCAD my second year. I didn’t pursue it as an occupation but I think it is a good field to get into. I wish you the best in your plans.

Is this the same thing as drafting? I find the differences in UK English and American English so interesting.

I’ve worked with a lot of drafters/designers throughout my career and they all seem to really enjoy their work.

Yes it means the same thing.

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I learned autoCAD in high school, remember very little of it, and I’m surprised anyone still uses it. I used to use a program called DoomCAD to make new levels for Doom also.

Actually a lot of companies are moving over to a program called revit. It is a lot more versatile.


Yes, I have seen in a lot of job applications that they were looking for people with experience in that.

Cool @anon98459728

I have an ex uncle who is a CAD technician. He loves it. I only took a little AutoCAD in high school but I enjoyed it. Best of luck to you. Let us know how you are doing from time to time.


after high school when i went to a community college about a hour away i first went for IT, but found it really boring so the next semester i transferred into the cad program and i ended up dropping out of that program too i remember the teacher yelling me in the drafting with pencil class about how the door i drew looked like a cartoon and that this isnt cartoon drawing. i took a class in hs for autocad but didnt get very far with it. later on about a year after hs when i got a job as a graphic designer for a few months i got offered a job at a local cabinet making company i think it was and since i had a very small amount of experience i forwarded the offer to one of my friends at the time and he worked there for a while, i know he was a lot better than me perhaps on a professional level and i was right. i remember the phone call with the employer and i think back in 2008 he was paying 15 bucks an hour starting out

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