Beck anxiety inventory- because this is a common topic

I found a PDF with very clear instructions and scoring interpretations.

Anxiety seems to be a hot topic on here so I wanted to share this. You can just print it or tally it in your head or write your scores down then read what your scores means.


I found that a fairly useless measure of anxiety due to its over reliance on the presence of physical symptoms. Not all people with anxiety experience a lot of physical symptoms. A lot of the questions re physical symptoms were irrelevant to me .Out of 21 questions only 9 had relevance to me. Using the heavily physically based questionnaire I score 16 which indicates very low anxiety but using my score for the 9 questions that were relevant that is equivalent to 37 for 21 questions. That places me at “potential cause for concern” level . That is my points average for the questions that were relevant to me and more indicative of the level of anxiety I experience.

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