Beat saber

I am exercising again! We have a VR game called Beat Saber. Has anyone played? It is a dancing game. We modded it so we can get all kinds of songs, rather than just the ones that come with the game. It makes me feel like I’m playing, instead of working out. It is nice to feel capable of doing things that are good for me, rather than feeling like it is abject torture. I highly recommend this game for anyone with VR. You need to use it with PC if you want the custom songs, but even the songs it comes with are good.


Never heard of it until now. Looks like it could be pretty amazing.


I’m budgeting for it this fall. Looking at a PS5 to run it on.

It doesn’t have custom songs on ps5. You can only use the songs it xomes with, or the preselected DLC songs. If you get it with PC, there are thousands of songs to choose from. Of course, that means you need a PC with a video card capable of VR.

Not a worry for me, I’ll be happy with the songs on there. My daughter would find the PS5 useful.

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Hey @Ninjastar

Saw that and thought of you.


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I mean, yeah. The PC was about 2k, the VR was an extra $400, we just upgraded the video card for another $300

Reminds me of my drug habit…


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Yeah but we spent all that except the video card 6 years ago and it still works.


This is me :laughing:

We currently have a PS4 I obtained on the cheap. Was able to repair the board and the daughter is happy with it. I can get some VR gear and use Beat Saber on it, but I promised the Missus we’d knock out the credit card debit first. Have reached the 80% mark. Should be playing Beat Saber by fall now.

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i upgrade a pc and sold my xbox one. my pc is still not as good as the ps5 and series x tho but i still have room for more upgrades and it plays everything i need it to play at acceptable resolution

I was aware of the game but haven’t ever played it. I’m scared once I try VR I’ll never be able to go back and I’ll feel like a fool for investing in Series X and a big fancy 4k HDR TV.

Yeah ive got Beat Saber with a pc and VR Rift S. Totally rubbish at it tho lol. Its good fun.

You reminded me to bung it on again lol.

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The only reason I have the PS4 is that it was on sale as broken to be used for parts at a yard sale and I was able to fix it. Just need recapping and some new resistors. Obviously got hit by a power surge. Total cost was around $35.


I wish I had the knowledge and the skill to fix electronics. I’ve soldered a few simple things like mains cables to transformers but I am too “cack-handed” to be able to do any smaller components.

ps4 is still pretty capable i mostly play call of duty and when i had xbox one even the newest cof which is out for next gen also runs great (also thats a hell of a steal $35 wow i would buy one if i could get one for that much so i can play spiderman miles morales). it is my dream that one day consoles will be able to run windows considering the specs of the ps5 it outmatches even pc builds that cost a few hundred dollars more. plus the pc parts market is screwed. the gpu i bought new for $160 on amazon a few months ago is now $329 dollars due to it coming back into popularity

With some members struggling with the delusion that they are part of a computer simulation, couldn’t it be dangerous for them to use VR in any way?

Just curious

I don’t know. I would think the opposite. Seeing how terrible the VR technology is compared to real life would make it obvious we do not have the tech to create such a simulation. But I don’t struggle with that delusion. I guess if you do, you would know your triggers best.

I don’t struggle with such a delusion personally, my concern would be others already convinced they’re there, I don’t know what affect this would lead to

Just a thought