Beat saber

My dr suggested I do dancing videos a couple times a week to relieve boredom of exercising. I won’t though, because I don’t want the men watching me dance. But I’m glad you can have some fun

I’ve only played once at a friends house. It is VERY fun. Looks way easier than it is. I watched my friend play it in hard mode and was confident that I could beat it in easy mode. Man I got my butt handed to me the first song I played haha.

It’s good exercise and super fun.

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I didn’t used to be able to handle the show X-Files because I think a lot of my delusions are cribbed from it. Doesn’t bother me now that I’m stable. Have all the seasons on my file server.


I don’t have a beat saber, but I have a beat stick I use on unwanted solicitors.

I think hard mode is actually easier than easy mode. Because there is a block with every beat, so it is easier to dance in a groove.

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That’s true. I think the issue for me is that I can’t change directions fast enough to play in hard mode haha. I can hit most of the cubes but almost always in the wrong direction😅

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This is killing me. I wonder if Mrs. Squirrel will let me bump up the schedule on the VR gear… I can make it work on the PS4.

We only have two games right now: Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Spiderman one.

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@shutterbug good to hear you could move past that. Yeah, the X-Files were one of my favourites. I should dig up the reruns on YouTube if possible

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Consoles are cheaper than comparable PCs because they jack up the prices on games and require subscriptions on online services. In the long run, if you are an average gamer, PC is probably better in terms of performance and cheaper.

I have consoles and two computers though so I’m wasting a lot of money.

I’ve played beat saber and it was pretty fun.

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You could argue it is a health thing. You can’t get your steps as easily during the winter.

If you get it, I highly recommed the Imagine Dragons music pack and the Panic! At The Disco one. Im not a huge fan of their music, but the levels are definitely the best to dance to.

I’m averaging about 8,000/day right now. I’m used to over 20,000/day, but I have been repeatedly freezing a strip of my face this past week and it hurts. I could deal with the cold better if it didn’t come with this sodding evil wind.

I also have issues with my left shoulder that I think I need to have repaired before I try this game. Realized it last night and went, “DOH.” I can injure myself by not taking my shirt off properly right now.

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Oh yeah. Thereis a LOT of rapid shoulder movement. I had to start very slow because of my injured shoulder. Now, I have strengthened it up enough that I only have 1 bad shoulder day a month. I dislocated it a while back and was too poor for healthcare.

I’ve had so many surgeries on this shoulder for pacemakers that the skin is very thin. It tore while I was exercising with bands and hasn’t healed. Oozes blood constantly. They need to take a skin graft from somewhere else on my body (I’m told the back of a thigh) to fix it. That’s not happening soon because it would be an overnight stay at least for me. I have to go off blood thinners for this.

Our health care system is still partially crashed by COVID patients. A lot of the surgical recovery rooms are still makeshift COVID ICUs. No elective surgeries happening. I’ve been changing my dressing every day and gimping along with the issue for the time being. It’s frustrating and messy, but what can you do?

Ouchies. Yeah stay away from Bear Saber then. Maybe a DDR dance pad would be better, because those only use your legs.