Beach boys not schizophrenic?

Have you heard of this movie? With Brian Wilson hearing voices?

From Wikipedia

Mental health[edit]
Wilson suffers from auditory hallucinations and has been formally diagnosed as mildly manic-depressive with schizoaffective disorder that presents itself in the form of disembodied voices.[190][191] According to him, he only began having hallucinations in 1965, shortly after experimenting with psychedelic drugs.[132][105][192] In recent years, Wilson’s mental condition has improved. Although he still experiences auditory hallucinations from time to time, his relationship with his wife and his new regimen of psychiatric care have allowed him to resume his career as a musician.[190]

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That’s the title of the movie? Sounds like a weird title.

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The title escapes me but it is something happy I remember.



Wow, they threw that movies… title around a lot in the movie/doc Riding Giants.
Might even go download it now.