Be your own critique

Its good to be your own critic, helps you to make more sense of what is going on I think.

Unless you’re too hard on yourself. That can take you to some pretty bad places.

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As long as the critic doesn’t turn into a voice then it should be OK I think.

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I have looked up the thread title and yet have no idea what it is.

Do you mean set high standards for oneself to conform?

Nothing wrong with doing some soul searching. Just don’t be too hard on yourself.


No I am talking about being your own best critic,

Like when you do something and you ask yourself why you did what you did etc.

In a good way I mean of course :wink:

I remember you have a technique for that…in that particular thread days ago.

I can’t remember that

Isn’t it this one?

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I totally forgot about that thread, I think they are very similar though

Maybe analysing my thoughts is the same as self critisism


Actually I think self critism is actually what comes after analysing the thoughts

Once you analyse your thoughts then you can critique on them

Too indepth for me…

Basically you analyse your thoughts working out if you have gone wrong anywhere

Then after that you. Can critique on it,

So basically you ‘identify’ the problem(s) ‘analysis’

Then you do something about it ‘solution’ (critique)


i am perfect , no need to change… :boom:…lol
take care from perfect :alien:


nobody is perfect Darksith


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great song dreamscape :thumbsup:

wish i was perfect though lol

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