Battling to see what is reality and what’s not

So today I made a trip to the grocery store and people in the grocery store were saying evil things to me. It was real. Maybe it could have been fake but I wouldn’t know the difference. So I’m so scared because I feel like someone is going to break in my place and kill me. Everything is so in reality the only thing is I can’t find a hidden camera or microphone on me, and also I’m trying to figure out how would people see my face if it’s in my ear. I’m so scared for my life literally.

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I know people on here are tired of me but what I’m experiencing feels real. I’m trying to make sense of all of this. Where can a camera or microphone be that I can’t feel it. And also how can people see me if it’s in my ear or under my skin?

It sounds like you’re beginning to challenge your delusions, which is good

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Yes but it feels so real. I can’t tell if it’s real or not. The only thing that is stopping this nightmare for me is that I don’t see a camera or microphone.

Trust me, when I say, you’re on the right path.

You just need to keep trying the medicine. Try to notice when you feel less suspicious or delusional. If you feel any sort of normalness return, that’s probably a medicine to try to stay on for a little longer to see if it kicks this nasty delusion/paranoia out.

Although the people around you may not be nice, you aren’t a part of some conspiracy.

Keep trying bud! You hang in there!

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Thankyou. I’m going to stay on my medicine.

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