Bathroom problems

In 8 years I haven’t ■■■■ properly and that goes away every single time I get off medication.

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You mean constipation or diarrhea? Abilify gave me diarrhea and sometimes made me ■■■■ myself. No issues now on Risperdal. Maybe all you need is a med change?

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I keep going through those though. There has been a 1 year adjustment period for these medicines it takes along time to get better

I’m so sorry I just hopes it does gets better for you. May try to ask your doctor for a change in medication?

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It’s a problem. I too have had loose stool and problems where you have to crap straight away or your crapping your pants. Got better with dosage but it’s a serious problem. Talk to your shrink. It’s one of those things your least likely to talk about but so important for your health!


I had problems with occasionally shitting my pants on Abilify when I was on it years ago.

Don’t have any issues with risperidone.


On Abilify sometimes I shitted myself while at work. It was embarrasing and disgusting I had to call sick on those days. I also shitted on my mattress, its stained now.

No issues now on Risperdal.

Because I really needed a shower these days.

Sounds awful. I’ve not had these problems on abilify,Aziz.

@Shrimpramen that’s really not good. Perhaps a change of med or dose under pdoc approval

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