Bathroom light broken

My bathroom light has been broken since Good Friday. I’ve called the office about it several times. Today my case manager called and spoke to the manager. She said it would be fixed today, but it’s 6:30pm and it hasn’t been fixed.

I don’t know what to do.

I ordered a portable camping lantern and it was delivered today. I used it to see to take a shower, and it was enough light.

I’m really fed up with the apartment building I’m living in and want to move. I’m looking to move into a senior citizen building after I turn 62, but my case manager found out the rent is going to be $100 more a month. So I’m going to wait three years until I can draw my pension when I turn 65 to move. I just hope I can stand it here until I can get out.


The squeaky wheel gets the grease, as they say. Dont be afraid to call every hour tomorrow until they send someone out.


Thanks ninjastar.


Well, it’s 3:20pm the next day, and they still haven’t fixed my light. I just wish HUD would come in, inspect the building, and my landlord get in trouble for not fixing things.

Can you buy the correct bulb and ask someone younger to change it for you?

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I doubt it. It’s a funky fluorescent light.

I’m in touch with your experience because I have a similar experience with my landlord. My Oven hasn’t worked since last May, for example.

And, Yes, seniors get better support than schizophrenics.

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An update. They fixed my light today, just put new bulbs in it.

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