Having to deal with adults. Grown up problems

I realize I am also a grown ass woman,

But this situation I can’t be my harsh, demanding self.

I’m having massive plumbing issues in my house.

Have been for a few days.

We haven’t been able to shower or use but one toilet that isn’t trustworthy.

No washing clothes or dishes.

My landlords have been trying to fix it.

However, they’re too cheap to hire a professional.

We pay so much to live here.

I mean, it’s the coast of California!

They’re making a killing off of us and won’t put any money back into the house.

Now, a plumber is supposed to be coming today, but that doesn’t guarantee it’ll be fixed today.

My landlord said if it’s not fixed by today she made reservations for us at the Motel 6 down the street.


I’m not going to a Motel 6 for days on end.

I need a hotel that’s at least as nice as my house.

I’m insisting on a different hotel with a suite.

Is that unfair?

I mean, they’re just being cheap when we pay them sooooo much.

I think wanting decent accommodations is okay.

  1. Is it okay?

  2. How do I discuss this without pissing them off?


You are correct, but in reality its a little different. The landlord has a longer arm. Its going to be a courtcase, when you are up to it. You are in the right :white_check_mark:.

Have they always been bad landlords?

They’re good landlords.

But we haven’t had issues until now.

Happy Cake Day, man!

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Well maybe they will be willing to get you a better hotel. Maybe find one that is acceptable and ask them to pay for the reservation.

Hopefully they understand motel 6 is not acceptable.

Thanks! On :birthday:

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