Band Song: Monday Parade

Here is another song by our band Fairweather Beggar. It’s our first mix, so it may be not perfect

Listen to Monday Parade by Fairweather Beggar on #SoundCloud

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Dude it sounds so clear. I dont know much music genres but i think it sounds blues ish. I think it would sound amazing live. Great vocals too. Instrumentaion too. All sounds great!

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I listened to it three times and think it’s good. All the instruments blend well. I didn’t practice guitar yesterday, I took a day off for a reason I won’t disclose but I practiced mandolin. I never play with people but I would like to. I would teach a beginner what I know for free, it’d be fun.

Thanks @ThePoet I really appreciate your input. Yes, this is one of my favourite songs by the band. I never really thought of it as a blues song, but I think I can see your point. Thanks again man

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Thanks @Jinx glad you like the song. I didn’t realize you played mandolin, that’s cool. I bought a cheap one, but haven’t really made the effort at learning it. I think it would be a lot of fun to teach someone the basics as well. I would probably learn something in the process myself

I just got the mandolin. I have played on, off, and on off many times the guitar over the years and the mandolin was a brand new start. I loved music so much as a child but I got sick at seventeen and quit but held onto my dreams of being a great songwriter until about 1996. I wish I’d played guitar at a very young age. I was so undisciplined I thought it too hard! But I regret too much. You have to be inspired and I wasn’t inspired to play. Maybe someday I can inspire someone to play. It’s a great thing for a mentally ill person to do, much better than forcing yourself to read! Confidence is a big factor. I knew someone once who played piano who was disinclined to playing. He said everyone in his class shot ahead of him but he was determined and played in a band.

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I love the mandolin, but like you say, I lack the discipline and inspiration to really learn it. These days, I have to force myself to play guitar some days because I just don’t feel like it. But if I don’t, I lose my chops

Don’t give up your dream of being a good songwriter. You can still write songs and not be a virtuoso on your instrument. Even just simple songs can be so inspiring when well written.

Your friend on piano seems to have the right idea. It’s not how good you are compared to others, it’s how much of yourself you’re willing to pour into your instrument

Thanks for your replies, much appreciated


Don’t feel bad about it, I often have to force myself to practice guitar, but once I am doing it I love it. I’m sure it’s the same with you. I think most people are like that. I am practicing guitar 25 minutes at 7 a.m. and mandolin in the afternoon 25 minutes. I cut it down from 30 minutes to 25 because when 25 minutes comes around I lose steam.

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I just play around with guitar on and off all day. I switch between acoustic and electric to keep it interesting

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