Bad week :(

you cant imagine how bad my week has gone :frowning:

if i had stayed any longer at that bridge idk what would have happened

cant believe how ā– ā– ā– ā–  people can be

and my friend got kicked off of my course

i had to phone the crisis team and i tried to let it out, tears running down my face
i am finding it hard to cope right now


Iā€™m sorry you are having a hard time. But remember after rain comes sunshine.

sorry you are finding it hard, i am hoping you have a better day tomorrow.
take care

I know how it feels, to not be able to cope with anything. But daydreamer, you can always message me and I will talk you through it, try to help you. But if it doesnt work and you still feel like hurting yourself, you might need to be hospitalized