Bad friends?

with the help of someone i trust i figured out that my friend of m any years ago was a terribly lousy friend now i h ear her voice constantly listening in on me and commenting on what i say and do. she feels like a major harrassment and stalker. she also feels like she would like to assert authority over me which she has no right to do.

this voice of hers just doesn’t go away. i don’t want to worry that she is invading my privacy.


I left 2 toxic friends for several reasons, I am happier now.

i also got away from that friend i told you of but the voices follow me everywhere. it is disturbing. judy

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Judy, you have difficulties. I have similar ones, as well.

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Toxic friendships can cause a lot of problems psychologically…

I had one before, and experience what you do also.

Seems like it may be some kind of defence mechanism to make sure you don’t forget and can react better next time (aka trauma )

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