Bad day - anyone on high dose of mirtazapine/remeron

My meds don’t work anymore. I’m on Isocarboxide (MAO inhibitor) Abilify 10 mg and mirtazapine 15 mg.

I’m tired and labile, some days are okay, but most days I’m depressed. It’s changing all the time. MAO Inhibitor was the best drug for a period of time, but it stopped working (tachyphylaxis its called when drugs stop working)

I’m having a meeting with my Pdoc tuesday. I know she can’t put me on opioids (miracle drug for me) and Ketamine is too expensive.

So i guess i will ask her to switch from 10 mg abilify to 5 mg Olanzapine/zyprexa instead and increase the dose of mirtazapine to 30/45 mg.


i been on 45 mg mirtazapine. It was allright.

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I’m on 15mg Remeron, not a high dose but gained 30 lbs.
Less depressed. Less suicidal.
Weight gain makes me feel bad about myself, but my mental health is better.

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Im on 15 mg already, but i hope my pdoc raise it to maximum of 45 mg. 15 mg is not working.

Yeah, the weight gain, i gained some kilos but not that much.

Glad such a small dose has increased you mental health. Hope 45 mg will do the same for me.

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As for the benefits I like remeron over ssri’s. Of course every med is different for everyone I’m really glad my doc got me on this. Hope it will help you too.

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Thanks, yes I prefer remeron/mirtazapine over ssri too. SSRI gives too many side effects. In fact you use remeron to treat ssri induced sexual dysfunction