Bad Band Names....( TW )

So I just watched this documentary of an old Detroit band from the 70’s called Death. Three African Americans playing what is essentially proto punk well before the Ramones or anything similar. It was really very interesting and the music is good. I think it’s all been reissued but it’s like that great Electronic act from back in the day Suicide…

So height of punk and your playing electronic music? Supported the Sex Pistols and got spit at!..

If your into music check out both these acts. The documentary on Death was on youtube over here and it’s worth a look and listen…

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@rogueone that was freaking brilliant!! Death song makes me think of a jazz bass line, wedded with early thrash metal overtones.

The musicianship is brilliant, great band

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There was also a prominent metal band in the 80s and 90s called Death. Their most well-known song is Scream Bloody Gore.


Never got a record deal back in the day because Mover didn’t want to change the name…In the height of Motown your doing fast pre punk. Check out the doco…just shows you how hard the music industry was for those who had principles.

@anon40540444 yeah I’ve heard the metal band too. This was like 1975…


@rogueone the music industry has always been about what’s popular, not necessarily what is actually worth listening to. Sad but true.

Not saying that a lot of great acts haven’t been made popular. But the Pup Culture thing gets old

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Yeah @Cragger . So many good bands got chewed up by the record industry. Just a random hit on my youtube led me to another amazing band. I’m glad I found it. Way too cool and these sorts of things deserve some success. The remaining members are touring the old stuff and it’s still pretty good and holds up till today.

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Totally different style of music, but one of the Bands I was introduced early on was Be-bop Deluxe. They were never exactly popular, but with musicians they were revered

Another band that never got its dues was Marillion. Brilliant writing, excellent musicianship and definitely worth a closer look

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Cool I’ll have a look. Thanks for the recommendation.

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that death song sounds pretty cool. im gonna check out more of it

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Amazing for it’s time. So far ahead of the game and it’s a sad story. Couldn’t get a record deal because lead didn’t want to sell out. It’s so punk an attitude before punk even existed. It sounds just as groundbreaking as the MC5 and worthwhile checking out.


Be-bop Deluxe - Live in the Air Age

Just got me thinking about an old band that I used to love. This song is almost a soundtrack to my youth

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“Death” sounds awesome, thanks.

When it comes to bad band names, i always loathed the name of one of my faves: “The Brian Jonestown massacre.” I think i’ts insensitive to all the victims of the cult in Jonestown. But i love the rockn roll, shoegaze sound.

There is a band called “Dead skeletons” i think it’s a stupid name, but fun. I guess all skeletons are dead?

Motorhead had a song called “Killed by death” it’s really stupid, of course you are killed by death. Or what?

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What do I got inside me, blood guts and beer, lol. If you’re a Motorhead fan, you have definitely heard that one

A band name that I have tried to talk the other guys into for our band is, The Bearded Lesbians. We would all dress and cheap Halloween wigs and do some really bad makeup. Everyone else thinks it’s too politically incorrect, but really we’re just talking about 4 guys that like women. Who happen to have beards.

We probably would get trampled by an angry mob, but it would definitely get attentionn, LOL

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How do you top Butthole Surfers?


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