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Saw my psychiatrist earlier today and I gave her the details of my depressive episodes and high anxiety.

I told her that I was stressed out to the max.

I told her about my suicidal thoughts that day and she strongly suggested I immediately go back on Depakote ER.

I agreed with her because Depakote has been a tried and true drug for me over decades of using it in the past.

My hat goes off to @everhopeful for suggesting that I go back on Depakote.

I know that I’ll probably gain some more weight but I’ll continue to follow my low carb diet that my nutritionist ordered.

I guess it’s better to be fat and alive then skinny and dead.

She said that I don’t have to rely on the Klonopin as much now that I’ll be back on the Depakote.

She also wants me to take charge of my life more and drive more often when I can.

She feels that if I take charge of my life more I’ll feel better about myself.

I ordered the Depakote from the pharmacy right away and it should arrive at my house in a couple of days.

In the meantime I have some extra Depakote in the house that I’ll immediately take tonight.

She is certain that Depakote does not cause fatty liver.

But I’m going to have to continue watching my weight.

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Glad you’re on the right path again @Wave !

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Thanks for your sound advice as usual @everhopeful!

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All that sounds good @Wave

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Thanks @Aziz 15

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Good news.

I hope things get back to normal soon.

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Thanks @anon54386108
Hopefully I’ll feel less depressed and stressed out!

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Sounds good. And I like that you are following your nutritionist’s advice and you’re not giving up. I’m glad you’re getting the meds you need to feel good. I love that I’m hearing hope from you.

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Thanks for your support @ZmaGal!

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good to hear you going back on the depakote!
I hope you feel better soon =)

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Thanks @lekkerhondje

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