Back to Abilify or fk it?

I don’t care about Abilify side effects anymore, I just want to to get out of bed. I don’t care about shopping and sex addictions caused by Abilify. Problem is I don’t have enough money but on Abilify I was able to work for like a month full time. Maybe I can try part time or a lower stress job.


My parents don’t want me on Abilify as they know I will use my money then ask them for more.

It’s up to you. Only you know your limits.

Can you make a plan with your parents that they control a bank account for your money to go into? They could give you an allowance.

As for sex addiction, you know in your own mind what is wrong and what is not. You can keep yourself from going to prostitutes. And tbh, if you DO go to them, use protection. I do not know if prostitutes are legal in Canada.


If you do go on ability make sure you get the generic brand… here the brand name ability is 500 but the generic version is only 50 . Costs 10 times less

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The one I was on was 50$/month.

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Its illegal and I always used protection but my family will beat me up if they know I am back to it.

Honestly dude, it’s worth a shot

I been on abilify for 2+ years. You know about my probs with it. Benefits outweigh the costs for me tho.

Don’t allow yourself to have any credit cards IMO


So don’t use them. You can control yourself. Just masturbate a lot.

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Maybe try taking it with a mood stabilizer, that might keep the spending and whoring around in check

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Have you tried any other antipsychotics?

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Solid advice

Think about being ‘active’ again @Aziz

I’ve found out you don’t have to work to enjoy life.

Things are kind of what you make of them

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Maybe you can take your current ap with a small amount of abilify?


Your choice of course, but if Vraylar is coming to Canada soon, I would wait for that. It’s a partial agonist too and maybe you won’t have the same side effects as Abilify. I realize that you are getting impatient though.


On Abilify I went to the gym almost everyday for 1-2hrs I was 100lb less than now.

Does that work for Abilify side effects? I asked my pdoc for a med that stop these side effects he said there isn’t and the only way is to get off it.

Maybe i should just wait for Vraylar.

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if you have trouble with money then get someone else to control your finances with your best intentions at heart, I know a couple of people who get help with their finances to help them budget and not over spend on things they dont need.

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I stopped my caffeine pills today and have been sleeping all day.

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WAIT for Vraylar.
Abilify is a dangerous drug for you and you know it.

OR try Geodon.

OR lower you Risperdal dose down to 4mg

You have options.

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If you go back on abilify it might be years before you start to have impulse control problems.

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