Baby rabbit has a nose infection

Paging @anon47167357. My dad doesn’t take his pets to the vet. So this is a newborn about two weeks old. It has puss coming from its nose. Can anyone help?

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I know In calves when they have a snotty nose or drool from the mouth it usually means a respiratory infection like pneumonia. Unless there’s an abscess in the nose that burst? Is it bloody or just puss colored?

It’s just puss colored. Probably needs antibiotics but they’re my dad’s animals and he won’t take it to a vet so it will probably die.

How’s his vigor? Is he eating and drinking?

He’s just kinda laying there in the cage. He’s the runt of the litter. I’m going to maybe try to get dad to take to the vet.

Sounds like it’s time for the vet alright, don’t leave it too long

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I told daddy. He’s going to check him out and said that he’d kill him if he’s too sick.

Ya he’s probably right. No point leaving him suffering

I remember I had to put two perfectly healthy calves down because they tested positive for a virus called BVD. It’s basically just diarrhea. Our government here in Ireland is trying to cull all non thriving animals and they set laws stating that if calves test positive for this virus they must be put down. It’s a stupid law really because those calves were thriving even though they had the virus so I didnt see the point in culling them. It’s hard holding a calf while the vet injects a syringe full of poison to stop the calf’s heart. I remember it was struggling then slowly started to get weaker and weaker then passed away. Not nice.

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