Baby fever strikes again

Its been really bad lately. At my church theres been so many little ones and just 2 of them were born in the last couple weeks.

I never bred but come from a big catholic family. I have three brothers who were born after I was 12 so I have seen the parent thing but still I regret not having had kids. I love kids…

It’s a serious business and only worth doing if your well enough. It’s so hard for even normals but it all depends on your function and the meds.It’s a cruel world sometimes but make sure your well informed and your prepared…It can be too much for some!

Much peace but if your worried talk to your treatment team…

I can relate. They’re just so cute! I have to admit though, it’s WAY more fun to be the cool babysitter or fun uncle who can play with them, make them laugh, and then hand them back to the parents when it’s time to go to sleep or change a diaper.

If you’re genuinely considering having a baby, some things to factor into the decision:

  • who do you have to help watch them at night, during emergencies, when they’re sick and you can’t call off work, etc?
  • what roles do you and your husband plan to take on as parents and caregivers?
  • what is your plan for continuing to parent through a relapse (please don’t assume you won’t have one. I can guarantee the combo of sudden loud noises, sleep deprivation, physical pain, and hormonal shifts will cause one)?
  • what are your triggers, and how will you cope when a child is the one doing those things with no understanding of why to stop?
  • how are you and your husband going to remind yourselves you are a team when things get more stressful? How do you show and receive love?
  • Do you have a firm understanding of your goals as parents? Are they compatible?
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