Babbling about keeping pets

Now I feel settled down with my fish keeping. I’m relieved to see my fish are still alive. Since I bought them one week ago I have been worried that these fish might die at anytime. I had failed keeping fish around ten years ago…This time I had been very careful with them…now, I had a little success of keeping fish for one week…

I keep pets not for loneliness but for anxiety and agitation. When I was extremely tired and agitated I need something to make me calm…At first I was thinking to adopt a cat. I searched on internet and found that keeping a cat requires a large sum of money and a big livingroom for cat’s den. The cheapest cats on China’s online pet shop are above 120 US dollars. And then you need to vaccinate them and bring them to a vet when they are sick. So I gave up the idea of adopting a cat. Then I turned to fish keeping. I was surprised that goldfish is so cheap in China. It’s very affordable for the people like me.

I hope my 3 fish will grow bigger by the end of this year. My “little black” is most playful among the three. It doesn’t have much interest in food, just jumping and fliping in the water all the time. My “little flower” is always looking for food, and it would dart to the food like an arrow. No wonder It carries a big tummy. My “little apple” is an medium in terms of energy and appetite.

Thank you for listening to my babbling.


120 dollars for a cat that is insane.

The rescue centre has cats with the best personalities as they grew up during hardships.

I hope your fish keeping goes right. All the best…

Fox out


I miss my parents cat stinky. He basically grew up with me. My parents got him when I was around 8 or 9 years old. He was part of the family. He would always lay in bed with me. When he was around 18 years old he got really skinny and couldn’t eat anything anymore it was heartbreaking.

Glad the Goldfish are keeping you happy.

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