Avolition, self coping strategies required

Hi, my worse symptom is avolition, reduced ability to begin goal directed behavior/lack of motivation. I’ve tried every med under the sun, though I just made a switch from ciprolex to paxil. I also bought a used bike, so I figure exercise will help.

But I need more suggestions.

I have schizophrenia, OCD, and ADHD, PTSD, and depression. So if anyone has had success in dealing with this, and I sound like you, please help. Thanks.

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Have you tried the supplement NAC ?

I have all of the above except for ADHD. My first thought is, are your expectations of yourself realistic?

Start with the bike and see where that gets you. It might take you a while, but your energy levels might come up from exercising and then you’ll be in a better position to make Choice number 2


Try to make a daily list of things to doo. When you are bored, look at the list, and don’t punish yourself if you’re not able to do what you plan.

I have avolition in a lesser degree myself and i have to tell myself often that it’s not my fault. Still i often feel guilty of not achieving things, doing stuff.



I Jus Get Bored With The Ideas Of Certain Things. . .

But!, If I Need Something, I Get It Done.


I Dunno How To Tell Someone To Put Goals In Front Of Themselves And Push.

If You Can’t Do It On Your Own, No One’s Words Are Going To Help You.

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. The Orbital Compass~ ‘YouTube’. (0.1) (0.2) (0.3) (0.4)

Example 1.) I’m Tired Of The Food I Have. Need Energy Drinks. 2 Mile Walk. Jus Go (!!!).

I know this probably sounds ridiculous, but coffee really helps me. I drink enough so that my teeth clench (just one strong cup for me) and then I can get stuff done. If I don’t do this, then I get nothing done.

I also break from coffee for a few weeks on every few months to allow my tolerance to go down again.

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Good call taking a break from it regularly, @BubbleBrain . I do the same thing with marijuana, I take breaks of several days, sometimes two weeks without so that my tolerance level stays the same and I don’t have to use very much

Not for everybody, but it helps me a lot with pain and mood


@BubbleBrain I have to ask… What is your avatar, is that a bald Mouse? It looks hilarious LOL

I think it’s a type of dog. I’m not sure - I just found it and liked it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sweet :+1:… …
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I don’t know what to put on my list though. I have zero interest in almost everything. I use to be on my way to becoming a chemist while working as a technician in IT, I loved these things greatly, but now I don’t really like anything.

Sorry to hear, avolition can be caused by the depression, and i have had depressions too, where nothing interest me, and i could do nothing. Biking is good, i do it everyday.

Now im on the strongest antidepressant on the market, an MAO inhibitor, it’s not perfect, but it’s the only drug that works for me. It kicked me out of treatment resistant depression.

All of a sudden and for no reason, depressions can stop. Hope it does for you.

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One tip that ADHD therapists give is to set a 10 minute timer to sound on your phone and say to yourself ‘I can do 10 minutes of activity’. Set the timer, begin the activity and then when the timer alarm chimes after the 10 minutes you stop.

With this you get 10 minutes done which is better than noting at all.


I like the sounds of that. I’ll give it a try whenever I find myself staring at a wall for too long, set the timer and read or something.

This one time two years ago I got into a new field of work, self employed and all, felt great, I was really doing it, then for no reason at all it was like all my energy was zapped out of me. I’m on paxil, which was changed recently from ciprolex, since OCD and PTSD are apparently better treated with paxil, im hopeful in a few weeks it will be a bit better.

My doc started me on modafinil, which was upon my request after reading about its efficacy in treating cognitive deficits in schizophrenics, thus alleviating negative symptoms too. We’re still playing with the dosage, but I think once I’m on a higher dose of it with the other meds I’m on too, it should work out pretty nicely.

Also my doc lowered my injection from 150 to 100 of invega, so that’ll help probably too.

Idk, long reply, but I have hope. This forum is a great place to spitball and swap stories.

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Sounds good. i have always wanted to try modafinil, im often tired, but i don’t think my pdoc would allow it. Pretty amazing you were self employed having this disease. Im impressed.

Yes the forum is a nice place to let out some steam if you are in distress.

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If you do look into modafinil you’ll find it’s had some studies done as being potentially beneficial for people with schizophrenia who suffer cognitively and with negative symptoms more so than schizophrenics with positive symptoms as the dominant feature of their illness. It definitely would perk you up if you’re new to stimulants. It would potentially help you feel more motivated. I experimented with it and 300 mg is my sweetspot. it’s like a cloud is lifted from my mind. However 400mg starts to feel very jittery and dirty, bearing into paranoia. However the starting dose is 100mg, and I believe it comes as low as 25mg, so it could be something you could bring up to your pdoc if you feel tired a lot. Up to you I guess, just wanted to offer some info.

And thanks for saying what you said about being impressed with my self employment. Makes me feel happy to read that. :slight_smile:

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Very interesting, i just checked, and surprisingly there is no interactions with the MAO inhibitor. I might ask my Pdcoc if i keep getting tired… and i wouldn’t mind a little cognitive enhancement :slightly_smiling_face:

Similar to the timer thing, I alternate between tasks with short intervals. It’s how I get anything done, really.

I like to knit, but you’d have to find your own thing here—even checking on this forum! So, I’ll knit 3 short rows and then get up and put 10 things away. On repeat. Stuff eventually gets clean.

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