Autumn is arriving

It is another Friday evening, autumn is arriving and then winter, I liked this photo, because it has the bright blue sky in the middle of dark clouds, the seasons are changing …


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Heavenly pics …mj …!!!

I love you @mjseu !!!
I know that you live in Eastern Finland, near the border with Russia and there are Russians in your town.

Blech. Cold, snow, and the heating bill from hell. Can’t wait.

When I watch the forecast for Québec city, it seems that summer will definitely ends on September 4. From this day, they forecast that the temperature will be below 20°C and will not get over 20°C anymore.

It is always like that here every year. By the end of August or the beginning of September, you wake up a morning and notice that it is really cold outside. Then you know that summer has ended.

I love autumn & winter. I can’t tolerate the heat of summer.

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Usually, I’m happy when autumn and winter arrive. But this year is different because we had a cloudy, rainy and cold summer.

I feel like I have not gotten enough of sunlight and warm temperatures to be ready for our extremely long, cold and dark winters.

i see. here in Greece the sun is bright even during winter.
I just cant stand the heat. it exhausts my nerves.


Hi om sup…long time no see @Om_Sadasiva …!!! Where r u now at home …!!! …

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hello. how are you doing brother? at home yes.

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Fall is my favorite season. But winter my least favorite.

  1. Fall
  2. Summer
  3. Spring
  4. Winter

I am good tbh… i want to work man…!!!

i would like that too. but i feel lazy & useless…

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thank god we have schizophrenia forum!!!
Thank Goodness!
I have no idea what I would do if this forum didn’t exist!!

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Erez its ur swimming time…go for it…!!

@far_cry0 not today…
But hopefully tomorrow…

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Some time break is necessary…hope for the cure…!!!

My favorite seasons:

  1. Summer
  2. Winter
  3. Spring
  4. Autumn

Usually here we don’t have nice weather in spring and autumn. Autumn is the worst because it’s very dark. Things get better when winter arrives because snow reflects the sunlight so it is less dark. And also, snow is very nice. I like when it snow a lot! The white landscapes with the trees full of snow are very beautiful. :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:

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