Auditory or visual hallucinations more prominent?

For me it was visual. I’ve read most people with schizophrenia have auditory hallucinations. Why do you think most are auditory and some visual?

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Probably the part of the brain that gets the impact would decide whether the hallucinations are auditory or visual. I understood that visual hallucinations were more likely in people detoxing from drug or alcohol addiction.


i have both… :sunny:
some people are more auditory… :ear:
some more visual… :eyes:
probably linked to creative side of human brain.
take care :alien:


I have a bit of both but predominately it is auditory. Why this is, I guess each case of schizophrenia is different because it’s so complex in the brain, and this can create slight or varied differences. Just my guess.

I usually only have auditory hallucinations. I had visuals two times in my life. When I was taking Depakote, and after I got a bad concussion. The visuals were better for me, because I could just close my eyes or look away, and they would be gone. Nothing can make the voices stop, although some coping techniques have given me better control over them.

Visual, though I have some auditory. My auditory ones are just music, created from ambient noise. I wonder if I trained my brain to have them - when I was young, I used to listen to music after bedtime, as quietly as I could so my mom wouldn’t find out, and I would have to strain to hear it. I suspect I trained my brain to fill in the blanks, and now it doesn’t know when not to do it.

Auditory with tactile mostly. Wickedly complex delusions. Visual hallucinations generally when things get really bad. Bad as in I know I’m in for a hospital admission to get meds leveled out.


Same here with the auditory and only visual when I get no sleep.