Audio option

We should have an option to reply with audio clips of ourselves :slight_smile:

That Is a Good Idea … ,

L(Y)Ke a Voicemail Box With a Number We Can Call and Leave Messages … ,

Would be Cool …

Like example.

I could reply to this with audio. “What do you mean man???” :slight_smile:

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haha ,

Would be Cool … ,

Perhaps Instead Jus One Number Cause There’s No Telling How Complicated It Would Be To Build a Phone Bridge To Each and Every Different Thread and Comment and Such … ,

You Should Build a Maze Of Sorts With Your Free T(Y)me …,

You Could Become a Billionaire …

No no no. Just a microphone that sends replies.

Facebook has one

e(Y)e Honestly Have No Idea What That Is , “sending replies” … ,

Someone Hacked Into My Facebook and e(Y)e Can’t Get Into It … ,

Whats Annoying About That Is ,

e(Y)e Didn’t Even Enjoi Tha T(Y)me e(Y)e Spent There …

I just permanently deleted mine… feels pretty good.

Cleaning house… cleared out my phone of most people as well. If I never communicate with them anyways then what is the point?

Just a burden on my mind… be reminded of all these people who used to be “friends”… then I get hit with a potentially life threatening illness and just like that they’re gone… really doesn’t help the persecution complex or delusions… that people would really become totally ignorant to my presence on the earth. about 90%…

I can return that favor… that was another life… moving forward, I’m just going to try and forget about all them. Deleting facebook was the start of that.

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If it was easy to use and actually worked that would be great, but money could be an issue as SZ.COM is on a budget

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I used to have very strong childhood friends & connections. If it weren’t for their diving into sex & drugs at such a young age, I would’ve hung around with them. Now they’ve “cleaned up” and have started families.

Just whatever, man. I drew the short straw, somehow, out of all the kids in school by being one of the only to develop SZ. Such BS.

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I know the feeling man… I’m trying not to look back at it any more… part of that is swearing off communications with those folks…

Not to make a statement… but just because I’m done. Those ■■■■■ and I were always incompatible. They can live their life and I’ll live mine. Fake friendship aint worth a minute of time.