Atarax, do you know it, does it work for you?

I was prescribed this in the past for my anxiety. I wonder if its popular like med and if it works for you. The docs told me its not so addictive as the benzos.


That’s big in the military.

This is Vistaril, no? I think it’s like water.

vistaril, yes. Thebest, I didn’t get what you said? :slight_smile:

Atarex is big in the military. If it doesn’t work though they give you Ativan. I used to take it with an energy drink and it gave me a great feeling.

It works OK. Makes you a little drowsy so it takes the edge off the anxiety.

Oh, you know drugs you all :D. Well, I couldn’t sleep now cause I slept too much yesterday and now I took one atarax to see if it works. I was on klonopin for years but I want to try something else.

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I had an issue combining Atarex with Propranolol. They don’t mix very well.

they have told me in the hospital that its like placebo but maybe they lied to me…

worked great for anxiety and insomnia for me for about a year before it just stopped working entirely

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Vistaril and Benadryl are of the same class of drugs and both of these have a stimulating effect on me. They make me feel WIRED. And I can’t sleep at all on them. I like bounce off the walls.

i think thats the old name for it