Asthma, antibiotics and psychosis

My friend took a mis-prescribed form of anti-biotics for a condition the doctors couldn’t diagnose that made him dizzy and unable to work, he now suffers complete paralysis and psychosis at times and has to be looked after by his parents twenty-four-seven.

There is a theory that asthma can be cured by anti-biotics but it requires such high doses that for such long periods of time that there are concerns about the bacteria evolving immunity to the treatment.

Is there a link between asthma and dizziness, is it something to do with prana, breath control and meditation, or is it to do with air pollution and tobacco smoke;?;

I am just wondering if all of this could just be psychosomatic, but who can tell;?;

Thanking you in advance with love, cheers.

yeah need a look from psychtrists and neurologist
ab never cause paralysis

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