Assuming rejection and then feeling hurt when we get it

Got to admit, that about we szs is not fair.

But at least we were right about it. No unwanted surprises.

Oh, I think the hurt look on the face means it wasn’t expected. Are we just good actors?

Well, maybe no surprise of being accepted + having to follow through with that.

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It’s all about not liking the smell of each others’ asses. Maybe I don’t even like my own.

Schizophrenics are closer to the animal forms of life than normal people. I can remember drawing a picture of algae that was breaking apart. Some normal people I’ve known really do like other people.

until someone farts.

That’s true, but people don’t fart most of the time and it’s forgiven in (hind) sight. Or at least forgotten as not that important. They don’t like it when people don’t own up to their farts.

Farts can be hared to control, especially when one is little. One has to be taught to hate the smell.

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Yes, I can see the look on my mother’s face when she said Shoo-oo - and swished the diaper away. Because the two are the about the same to different degrees. I read that when you smell something little tiny bits of the substance have traveled through the air and up your nose.

Do you sleep well at night?

fairly well. I do have an inhibited ass.