The human doesn't like himself

We are taught to hate our own ■■■■, a normal body process that we could not live without. That is not smart.

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Even animals try to hide + cover it.


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We evolved to be disgusted by it because it is full of bacteria and the humans who just shat wherever they wanted died of diseases.


Well I am talking mainly about the smell the hatred of which has to be taught. Animals cover it, I believe, as an aid to the use of it as fertilizer and for cleanliness. I don’t think it’s to hide it.

Not sure animals deliberately bury it for fertilizer? Cats bury it for safety (or alternately leave it uncovered to warn off interlopers). One of my cats is so revolted by her own poop that she won’t use a litter box twice if it hasn’t been scooped. Nobody taught her that.


The key word is taught.

You’re projecting once again. I don’t have a problem with liking myself because I poop. Or fart. Or sweat. I just do what I need to regarding bodily processes with a minimum of fuss and drama and get about my day. You’re making a mountain out of a molehill again. Or, in this case, a manure pile.


It must be really crappy food to begin with. hahahaha

I get where you’re coming from. That we often view ourselves as superior creatures yet we still take shits, just like other animals. I’ve always found this interesting. Yes I do feel dirty. Evolution has done a terrible job as our sewage pipe is right next to our sexual organ. It’s just nasty if you think about it.

It makes DP very bi-sexual…not that there’s anything wrong with that!


i’m leaving this thread now…my mind is twisted

Yeah but it’s good ■■■■. The Japanes used it to grow their crops with so that they grew really big. And other people still use it too add to their compost piles . I wondered why my un eaten meat loaf always smelt like poop and then I figured out that well maybe the poop just smeels like meatloaf because it was.


I almost always thank God that I can still releive myself properly.

I hate being constipated. It’s the worst thing. Antipsychotics can cause this.

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Hey Chordy don’t you have anything to add? You started this STUFF. It’s starting to look like a Christmass Turkey.

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Ya-uh-uh-uh. . .

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My dog is not brain dead, she is a poop connoisseur. :relieved: