Association between celiac disease and schizophrenia: a meta-analysis

Background/objective Recent epidemiologic studies have suggested that patients with celiac disease might be at an increased risk of schizophrenia. However, the data on this risk remain inconclusive. This meta-analysis was conducted with the aim to summarize all available evidence.

Methods A literature search was carried out using MEDLINE and Embase database from inception to June 2017. Studies that compared the risk of schizophrenia among patients with celiac disease versus individuals without celiac disease were included. Pooled odds ratio and 95% confidence interval were calculated using a random-effect, generic inverse-variance method.

Results Of the 284 retrieved studies, four met our eligibility criteria and were included in the analysis. We found a higher risk of schizophrenia among patients with celiac disease compared with individuals without celiac disease with the pooled odds ratio of 2.03 (95% confidence interval: 1.45–2.86). The statistical heterogeneity of this study was insignificant (I 2=0%).

Conclusion This systematic review and meta-analysis found a significantly higher risk of schizophrenia among patients with celiac disease.


I have Celiac disease and Sza.

My 23andme genetic test identified I carry one of the two genes that cause celiac disease. Interesting.

Whereabouts did you find this? I have downloaded the archives of health reports and can find nothing about coeliac.

Promethease does say

hide) Celiac disease
Magnitude: 2
Frequency: 45.5%
increased risk for celiac disease
rs3184504 is a nonsynonymous SNP in the SH2B3 gene, and it is also known as R262W. In a recent (2008) study of non-HLA SNP associations of 1600+ celiac disease patients, this SNP was considered one of the most significant. The odds ratio for the minor allele was 1.19 (CI:1.10-1.30, p=1.33x10e-7). rs653178, another SNP in strong linkage disequilibrium (r2>0.99) with rs3184504, was also associated with celiac disease. associated with type-1 diabetes 23andMe blog coronary artery disease and heart attack SNP Risk Version Effect *rs646776 T 1.19 *rs17465637 C 1.14 *rs1746048 C 1.17 *rs6725887 C 1.17 *rs11206510 T 1.15 *rs3184504 T 1.13 *rs2306374 C 1.15 *rs3782886 C 1.44 23andMe blog blood pressure Pharmacogenetic implications for eight common blood pressure-associated…

It comes up in my genetic health risk reports. It simply states celiac disease ‘slightly increased risk’ whereas all the others, like:

"Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Variants not detected

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency
Variants not detected

Celiac Disease
Slightly increased risk

Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HFE‑Related)
Variants not detected

Hereditary Thrombophilia
Variants not detected

Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease
Variant not determined

Parkinson’s Disease
Variants not detected"

then when i go into the page it says i carry one of the 2 genes associated with celiac disease.

Matthew, you have one of the two genetic variants we tested.
People with this result have a slightly increased risk of developing celiac disease. Lifestyle and other factors can also affect your risk.
1 variant detected
in the HLA-DQB1 gene

I didn’t get coeliac report. This post in the 23andMe forums probably explains.

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My dad and I are both tested on V4 chips.
I tested pre transition in June 2015, he tested in July 2017.

I get 27 health/ traits reports total.
He gets 79.
Most of the differences can be found in our reports archive, but I do not have access to any new information that they added with the site update.
I know that new reports such as Age related macular degeneration and celiac disease, that my dad got, I did not get. We are on the same chip! It makes absolutely no sense what so ever that he is getting new reports that I am not. I don’t even have Carrier Status or Genetic Risk Factors listed on my page. It’s pure BS to be honest. How hard is it to keep the reports archived but update the page so that all existing costumers on the same chip that paid for the same service receive the same service?

On top of that, what also peeves me off is that even though I am sharing health and ancestry with my dad and brother, I cannot actually see or share anything that isn’t in the current reports of mine. So I can’t compare anything in the archived reports such as genetic risk factors or carrier status.

Yeah, I’m on the v5 chip.

I’m on the v4 chip. The v5 chip is quite problematic re 3rd party ancestry tools.

If you have the gene, take care of yourself so the disease doesn’t get triggered. After a while you do get used to the diet, but it’s still quite limiting and expensive.

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23andme says that only 3% of the carrier of this gene variant go on to get the disease.

How on earth would you trigger it, accidently?

It’s not necessarily a sure thing what will or won’t but this article may provide some info:

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I suppose some of the things are rather unavoidable.

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I have just started taking probiotics to help my gut microbiome. I hope that helps, however, I used to have a duodenal ulcer when I was a kid and luckily enough it didn’t trigger it.

As allergens go I am super senstive to eggs according to further analysis of my dna. I never noticed it myself, except in mayonaise where i gag if it is in my food. I have become slightly allergic to pineapple where I come up in a rash around my eyes when I eat it. It is just cosmetic, but a late onset allergy, not picked up by any dna test. The dna tests are pretty limited at present in my opinion.

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