Assisted suicides, are you against or for it, Swiss practices

I am against assisted suicides.

I can’t judge someone who is in a constant state of extreme suffering but I wouldn’t ask for it myself nor would I approve of it for a family member.

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I plan to determine my own end if it comes to that point - simply stop eating. My family knows my wishes.

I don’t think can be “pro” or "against " such a subject. It’s just so sad that these people live in so much pain as to kill themselves, asisted or not.

Which brings me to the question: why do we always see suicide as the worse thing that could happen to anyone? Robin Williams had Alzhaimers and not enough money to fight it off. That’s the real drama, but if he didn’t commit suicide only few would have noticed. Same with these people: the real drama is what determines them to go on these suicidal trips, not the suicide itself. But we can only feel the dread of dying, not their utter pain that drives them there. So we take positions for or against suicide… unaware of the real problem there.

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In my CURRENT state, I would never even think of this. Now, if as Tony Soprano said “I ever got terminal cancer of the eye” or something, then MAYBE. As they say, “Don’t quit 10 minutes before the miracle.”

This sounds illogical. Travel to commit suicide, is like paying money to kill him/herself.

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I have been following closely one Alzheimer patient for many years. In the past year the person’s condition has fallen radically and the person is unable to say anything or do anything. However I think that the person is not suffering or feeling pain, the person is just living under other people’s care. I would not know how assisted suicide help him. It would just help people, the person’s chidlren, who would inherit this person.

Alzheimer patients are still there, like me and you during psychosis. They only don’t find their way amongst their memories. There is a fair chance that my medication gets me Alzheimer’s. If I find that out and I’m done doing what I have to do, I’ll end it myself.

The pain is nnot during the vegetable-state, it’s before that, when you realize you will become a vegetable, that your brain will die for all things intended and you will need assistance even to pee. As long as they can decide some people might want to decide to not live anymore, before it’s too late to not become a burden to their loved ones. I’m not to discuss their decision. I’m not the one entitled to say yes or no to them. I can just feel for their sorrow and for the (emotional) pain that drives them to give up living before their brain gives up on them.

It cannot be an easy decision to take now, can it?

This, like the issue of abortion, is something I am at a loss to decide about. There are such powerful arguments on both sides. I tend to think it should be available for those who want it.

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i think that it should be made available for everyone

I think this option should be open for terminally ill ppl where there is no cure and the pain, physical or psychological, is unbareable. Or very crippled individuals after car accidents or something.

In Sweden a crippled woman got right to end her life support. She could not move or talk. She communicated with her mouth. Writing letters on the computer. So they turned off her life support and she died.

I’d never want be a vegetable with life support year after year. I’d want to die too. I am in pain from anxiety an lack of sleep. But I’m not about to end my misery by my own hand… or a helping hand. You never know what tomorrow brings.

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When I was in America I was often asked about the Roe v. Wade decision. At the time I did not really know what they were talking about, but later in many years I learned that it was about abortions. I met the famous murdered abortion doctor John Britton twice, but as years have passed I have realized that I am pro-life and so against abortions. Basically lengthening a human life should most important.

As long as there is hope, no one should end their life just because they feel emotional pain. Things will get better, @Comatose , I promise. :sunny:

an assisted sucide at least gives the option to leave everything properly behind.
and you can say farewell too your loved ones.

I think if you are of sound mind and suffering immense mental or physical pain that still persists after sufficient treatment then there should be that option.
However I don’t think it should be an easy thing to do, as in feeling suicidal during first depressive episode and just go to a euthanasia clinic. For some suicide is a permanent solution to what would have been a temporary problem.


I see it like this - It’s “Calling The Devil’s Bluff.”

It’s your trump card whenever someone insists that you ‘are not owed a life.’
That is a very stingy and selfish statement and things are only that way because government templates
are designed to not share the world. This makes us dependent and needy and the dependence has often times
been abused throughout history to force people to submit to ideals they know better than.

I am not saying that suicide is a grande idea but people need to wake up and think before arrogantly spouting off about the incapability of others not knowing what others may have been through.

Bottom line. We did not ask to exist: Not our monkeys; Not our Circus so to leave a government template in place resulting in unplanned babies being constantly dropped by destitute parents is a cruel Dystopian means to ensure factory hands despite how clever some of these kids are whose families can not afford college to prove their skills.

Society tells us they don’t owe us anything but we don’t owe them either. If they want to constantly slag down everyone around them perhaps they should not have such an abundant human commodity. The survivalists find this world so grand they will cannibalize and betray for it. It’s the ultimate shocking insult to them to realize that we dream of better and if we had an easy way out of here we would have left them to their Gingerbread House a long time ago,

“You had better or else!”
should always be met with
“Or else what? Or else you’ll see to it I die slow of starvation while you continue on looking like saints because it was not directly by your hand I died?”

A good portion of society needs to recognize the selfish greedy cowards they are and Euthanasia is the trump card that proves they won’t put their money where their mouth is. You can even hit religious dogma with it.

I have a very practical view because of my past experiences years ago. I had to save my father many times. Once I gave the mouth-to-mouth first aid on the floor of the public library. Once I gave some heart massage in an automobile. He still lives. Years have made me a real pro-life person.

If a person wants to commit suicide, there is no need for any assited suicide. Back in 2000 when I lived in my auto in America, I was very depressed and I prepared a listing of 20 suicide methods which I gladly never carried out. I suppose the life is much more important.

Switzerland ensures no pain, no failure, no mess, paid for cremation and burial.
I don’t encourage suicide but I do think an exit door on Earth would quickly get human traffickers to ■■■■ - especially in instances of welfare and unemployment compensation (gov-funded funeral much cheaper than five plus years of compensation from tax payers.)

Most countries attempting to keep strong hold on establishment desperately depend on high unemployment rates.
It ensures employees will think twice before doing the right thing and calling OSHA thereby discouraging large corps overseas and dropping the economy for said countries.

I am for this Swiss practice. One of the worst things in this world is you can’t rely on yourself for house chore like cooking and cleaning. In that case you rely on other people to look after you. I wish I could choose to die when I lost the ability of looking after myself.