As a matter of interest where do all you guys and girls come from


Im personally from Dublin, Ireland. I was wondering where are the rest of your from??


I’m here in Seattle Washington U.S.


@SurprisedJ… the things I know about Seattle are Sleepless in Seatle and Kurt Cobain of that 90’s band. Funny I know little else of Seattle other than Id like to visit. I planned a visit 2 yrs ago, I was gonna fly into Calgary and then work my way down the west coast of Canada/U.S…when I think of Seattle, it actually makes me think of an Australian kinda city but with cold weather…


@SurprisedJ…when I say an Australian kinda city, its probably because I imagine Seattle to be close to nature…and it is close to Canada, which in my mind is close to nature…anyway, does that make sense


We’re the rain city and we do get a lot of rain. People usually have some extra clothing in their car incase it rains which is often. People don’t get fancy dressed. So showing up somewhere posh in your polar tech is normal.

There are a lot of trees. Lots and lots of shore line and lakes, rivers, the Puget sound. It’s all about the water in Seattle.

Jimi Hendrix is from here, Bruce Lee lived here for a while and his wife was a UW student.
Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden are also from here.

I think the biggest secret about our little town is that the scuba diving and the surfing here are quiet good.


@Ridgerunner when I think of Missouri, I think of the outback and cowboys, basically youre the wild cowboys!!


Where I come from would take a long answer. Where I have lived for the last thirty years is the Missouri Ozarks U.S.A.

From the country Ridgerunner


Missouri has a lot of country but we also have cities. I like the country best. We have a lot of horses in Missouri but I think the cowboys are out number.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner


Warsaw, Poland is where i come from ^^


@dudek909…you guys in Poland must be really happy you drew us Ireland in the Euro qualiifers. We, Ireland being second seeds are ■■■■. We’re not happy with the draw as we consider Germany, Poland and Scotland to be tough.


Haha here in poland we are happy if we draw with san marino, pur team really sucks and we even have jokes about them :wink:


I’m originally from Tennessee. Appalachian Mountain country. I’m first generation American. My dad is from Limerick, Ireland, and my mom is from St. Petersburg, Russia.

I have lived in 6 different states: Tennessee, Ohio, Florida, Louisiana, California, and finally Texas, which I call home now. Love it here! And I’m not moving again!




@radmedtech…the Appalachian Springs were revered in the song by the british band the Verve…you should check it out. The Verve were a great band, and I did like the song about Appalachian Springs…it sounded so spiritual.

Tennessee for me is all about whiskey (is Jack Daniels) from there, and yee guys are the Deep South redneck’ers!!

Ive been to Limerick, I like the place, its a small city but it has that most revered band the Cranberries. They hail from that city and I personally think the Cranberries had the best album of the 90’s. St Petersburg is a city I would love to visit…It has a beautiful palatial feel to it I imagine.


I live in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. It’s beautiful and isolated. I have a 265 mile round trip to go to my doctors office. I live away from town.


I love the Cranberries! I’ve been listening to them since the early 90’s. And their songs are still great today. I can play a few of them on piano: Daffodil Lament and Never Grow Old. Great songs!




London (UK). Am i the only one?


I live in Sweden. :slight_smile:


Memphis, Tennessee. Not the best city to live in, in my honest opinion, unless you live in the suburbs, which I do. Very high crime rate here, there’s even posterboards saying “warning: this city does not support public safety” near the city limits, LOL. It’s a good place to visit, lots of tourist attractions and history, but for the love of god, do not go near the ghettos. I personally know friends and acquaintances who have concealed weapons permits, and I don’t blame them. Hell, one of my teachers in high school (a private high school) told us about her .38 revolver in her purse…but she didnt take it to school, duh, thats illegal.


@Joyful…Hannah Montana country…youre from the pure mountain country of Montana…Id like to visit, save up a few euros…


@mortimermouse…does Jack Daniels hail from Tenessee or is it other whiskeys, because Im sure Ive drank whiskey from Tenessee…