Where are you from?

I see we are from different countries. I’m from the US. I’ve seen mention of Canada, the UK, and now Finland. Please share with us where you are from?

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From Scotland. Was born in England though.

Seattle Washington… AKA Rain City

Home of Starbucks Coffee, Grunge Music, Mircosoft, the Orca J-pod…

Rain, more rain… did I mention the Rain?


I’m from Cape Coral florida

I’m from North Carolina

god knows

‘could be anywhere’


sunny england haha :smile:

I’m from. LONDON, UK.

Cape Town South Africa (hence my avatar) :smile:

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New Jersey USA (20 characters long)

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I am this person who has been in 35 different nations and 35 different US states and I am in Finland.

I am from Mexico. I live in north of the city.

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Wow, this is incredible, very exciting actually.

I cannot find another Sz in my town to talk to, or at least anyone who admits it. It would be nice to sit and chat and get another perspective.

I truly dislike the view that we’re all crazy idiots sitting around either masturbating, addicted to drugs, or babbling nonsense refusing to take our meds wrecking our families’ lives.


Wave I didn’t realize you were from New Jersey…that’s where I am in Cape May. Where are you? I’m originally from Philly though.

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The Missouri Ozarks

From the country Ridgerunner

Hey SunGirl, I am from the northern part of NJ less than hour from NYC - Cape May is a pretty town, you are lucky to live there

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southwest lower peninsula of Michigan.

The bay area of Michigan.

I’m from Richmond, VA, USA.