Art of a dream (TW may be disturbing to some)

Edit: I just realized that this picture might be triggering so this can be taken down if you want.

This was an idea I was thinking about before I fell asleep and ended up painting it. “Surreliphant” is a play on words of surreal and elephant.


What is it? And what is TW?

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It’s an elephant in a dreamscape, and TW means trigger warning, a little warning for people just so they know it might have some bad content that might “trigger” them, like depression or anxiety.

Wow that’s amazing! The trunk reminds me of an exhibit I saw where a pig was sliced into sections of glass like the trunk

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Wow that’s really interesting! And thank you! :smiley:

really beautiful! bravo

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Thank you! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Like your painting a lot. I wish there was a way I could send it to one of my old friends, who is also an artist. But I don’t have his email address.

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Thank you! And shoot, if you ever find his email you can totally send this to him. I hope your friend is doing well :smiley:

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