Art Journaling

I don’t want this to just be my thread.
This should be a place for ALL the things you want to share about your day/mood.

I journal in an art book every day almost.
This is how I relate.


Looks great. Lots of emotion. :owl::owl::owl:

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Cool artwork, love your style

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I like. Did you ever study art in college or anything?

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very nice… do you draw a lot?

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Haha no @anon83141956 I majored in English literature. :slight_smile:

I draw every freaking day. Sometimes I can’t say it, so I draw it instead.


Great work! Bravo

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My favourite one is bottom left, the red one :+1:

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Thanks, guys!
I’m encouraging everyone to share here.
Art journaling, mixing words with the image, really helps me cope on the hard days. I’d love to see what you all do, too!

I’ve seen some pretty great art on this forum.

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I would not share . And i dont do . And if i do i would not share. Its too personal would be. Your art technique is good i like it. But drawings makes me feel bad emotions like fear .that i dont like. But technique is good

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Love them
I hope that I can get back into sketching
It’s an important skill i was working on most of last year
I then got out some paint brushes and I got lazy with sketching
I guess that is the point in a book of sketching
Gonna get one

I’ll share here
It’s a lot to ask myself to do

Picasso copy


@Sue_Bee Very emotional is right.

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My God your effing amazing. I wish I could be as good as you. But my illness has taken that away from me :frowning:emphasized text


You are amazing aswell are you on medication? Did you find that it stops you from being creative I find that it does with me.

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Thank you!

I understand the feeling that sz took your life away. I feel the same way sometimes, but I won’t let my disability become my identity. I do take medication, but not so much that the flat affect kills me. I practice drawing every day, and it takes no talent to practice.

You can be whatever you want.
Life is too short - and I’m too existential - to think otherwise.


No, it doesn’t stop me
Before psychosis I was at school up to age 17, I’m 46
I was more skilled at maths and science but was more into literature and theatre
I think I was heading for English at uni, not skilled at acting but I spent 5 years writing for theatre
Art was my least favourite subject, I had no skill
It became something I loved because of a few yoga retreats I went on, where mandala painting (less specifically mandala, closer to self expression) was the subject of afternoons

I Only started art since lockdown
Mindset is much more important than whether you’re on meds or not
Meds are the only thing keeping us alive

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Just dug it out
This above Picasso was a tracing
I remembered drawing it freehand
I will proceed to share sketches not done with tracing paper
Some tracing has helped me to understand drawing of lines , especially the very complex like Van Gogh

I think it’s been helpful anyway
I’m not that good

This one is also a tracing


Wow! The work involved in that!
Beautifully done!


I’m up for sharing art journaling here
Maybe not post every single day, but sketch every single day
I can’t think of a more important thing to be doing to improve
I bought a sketchbook and maybe I can stick stuff in if I start today later on

Maybe keep asking around and maybe you can start a dedicated post put at the title “art journaling challenge”
Would be great to get more people interested
And thank you So much for creating this idea
Need a good focus, my mindfulness classes finished yesterday so it’s great timing for a new commitment

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I like the idea of a challenge! You are free to start the topic yourself, too… you’re really good!

And challenges help us grow!

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