Are your voices annoying?

My voices are annoying as hell and talk to me In cartoonish ways in including the dinosaurs from the land before time and say they are dragons

Are you smoking weed …

No I used to 151515

They say they are draconian from the illuminati

Lay off the pot dude.

I believe in Dragons :neutral_face: I saw one once by the great lakes. There’s even a legend they exist. The colonialist, mention them as well. Look up the underwater panther.

As for annoying, my boyfriends voice over my head used to be annoying. Especially when he was going through the rhetorical system. It was a bunch of nonsense syllables glued together. The one eats the two, and the two eats the one.

Hi Jesse25
A lot of voices mimic trolling hate campaigns so yes they can be a little annoying at times.

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