Are your voices agree with you on being here?

Are your voices okay with you on being here on this forum

mine are in my thoughts but they’ve never talked about the forum

You must function pretty well with your voices. If I was hearing them the Last thing I would be doing is being on this forum.

I don’t give a ■■■■ what mine think – they’re not real or worth paying attention to.

I don’t really get voices. I get messages. And I am certain they wud not b ok with it. I can’t really socialise at all wen I’m sick cus I don’t trust anyone

Here’s the thing… they don’t, but if I answer this post I have a small fear they will start. Chances will if they do it won’t last long. Just because now I’m thinking about it. Still not sure if that’s how it works.

I used to hear “get off the game” a lot while playing video games but no voices about the forum.

Mine hasn’t enough of an idea wats really going on. Its just the usual commands to murder & wat not

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