Are you responsible?


I not talking about finding blame, nor being a helpless victim of anything.

I’m just wondering how many of you take responsibility for yourself when things go wrong, or even when things go right?
Do you hold yourself accountable for your own actions and do your best to right any wrongs?


I can’t think that complexly. For me things just happen and I have no awareness of them I’m learning to be responsible in another way however.


I think my level of ability at taking on responsibility is on the level of about a 10 year old child. I do laundry, cook some, bathe and groom myself, feed the dogs, handle my spending money, clean my room some, and keep my paper work in order. The only really adult responsibility I have is my car. That car can be taxing to me sometimes.


when i was younger i was more screwed up, but i do hold myself accountable for everything, and i always try to make amends…i think that shows i am getting better, maybe !?!
take care


i am responsible for two children soley since my husband died and i feel that acutely. i run a house, pay my bills, put food on the table, do the shopping, buy their clothes, shoes any bits and pieces they need, deal with the drs for them, take them to school and social visits, dentists, buy their uniforms, dry their tears, give them pep talks but i am not the greatest mother in the world and that makes me feel bad. i am not responsible for their loss of me but i am responsible for how i handle it and i over compensate and i shouldn’t. they r good kids on the whole but they have been through so much that i am scared to discipline them for fear of compounding what they’ve been through. i’d like to kill their abusers, first on the inside over a period of years and then on the outside over a period of years till there is no one left. my dad says there is a balance in life and u get what u dish out. i hope he’s right. am i responsible? yes i am but i’m also a 15 year old girl crying out for help and my kids r just toddlers trapped in teenage bodies. how does one deal with that in terms of responsibility. i am a responsible adult with a teenage mind. arrested development it’s called. i have it and my kids have it. they will never grow up and i will never b responsible for that. that’s what u get for being primary witnesses.


I take as much responsibility as I can. I have a husband backing me up. He does most part of keeping the house tidy and clean clothes. We have 2 kids. One does not live at home. He lives in a group home (?) with other children with big challenges in communication and social behavior.

When I get ill I have only myself in mind. Me and the voices. I do my best tonot hurt other ppl. Like saying stupid stuff I might regret. I get very passive when I get ill.

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I try to make amends for stuff that happens when I end up in a bad patch. I can’t do anything while I’m in the thick of it, once it’s got me… it’s got me.

But after words I try and write letters of apology and if I’ve broken something I try to replace it.

I don’t pass my bad behavior off as me being helpless. I don’t remember all my episodes with much clarity. But I do ask for help in trying to piece my head back together and at least apologize and make amends. I do try and take responsibility for stuff that I’ve caused.


Kids need limits. I would not fear disciplining them. They would be grateful. I know I would have been at that age.


I so wish my son would do this. Maybe one day.


It didn’t always happen, I had to relearn it. My head really turned around after I was left to stew in a group home and then ended up homeless for a bit. Family therapy really helped me and I was stabilizing and I could see what my parents did for me, then I was hit by the guilt.

To get rid of that guilt I had to start making amends. Things got better from there.

Good luck and i hope your son gets there soon too.


I try to be as responsible as I can be regarding taking care of myself,but I definitely felt limited by sz

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I am responsible for my actions but not what others think of them.

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