Are you responsible adult?

do you think you are a responsible adult ?

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I don’t feel responsible if not being productive and so I haven’t felrr responsible in awhile. As far as bill, I’m responsible about that. I don’t always have money to save though.

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My age say i am r3sposible adult …but my act are highly irresponsible…dont know what to do…■■■■ this life cuZ it hates me…

chill… it is weekend … have some green tea …


I don’t have a job, but I volunteer my time and resources. I pay my bills on time and in full each month, so, I think I am a responsible person. I don’t always have much money to save though.

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Nah, life doesn’t hate you. You’re one of the most friendly people on the forums. We all have bad moments don’t let it be a bad day or week for that matter.


Not particularly. I’m on disability. I live with family. I get depressed. Certainly not this self sufficient, autonomous ideal of womanhood in 2017.

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Idk what that means anymore. Hopefully soon.

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I think it’s subjective, for some it could be looking after their personal hygiene, for some going to work, I am responsible in some ways and not in others


The important question is, “Does Mrs. Pixel think Mr. Pixel is a responsible adult?”


I am responsible because I pay my bills on time,care for my neigher and pay her food and paddock ,vet etc
I also care for my man (he cares for me too)

I am on Newstart allowance and some might say that anyone receiving government money and does not work is not responsible but I do not agree.

My eons work and they have been workaholic doing a lot of good beyond billions even.
My body and person does not work as I have symptoms and others sometimes in my body etc

I have been told I am good with money.

I paid for my aged care certificate myself.

I have been able to save money for some things.

I manage my hygiene.
I can shop groceries now that I do not heR voices anymore.

I am not abled to do a lot of things but I still feel that I am pretty responsible and I am thankful for the ability I do have.

I do not drink alcohol or do drugs .

It is my first relationship as a sober woman.

He is greAt to n for me and he is kind when I have symptoms and does not hate or yell when I take space from socialising etc

I feed the dogs.

I assist my man sometimes.

I clean once a week just vacuume and mop.

I am not usually late to meetings etc
I am pretty punctual.

It depends what you mean by responsible.

I think belittling disabled and saying they are not seen as adults if they are not responsible.
I think that can be nasty and I do not really agree.
They give food and shelter but not money because they think they are bad with it.
Spend it all on gambling and drugs they say and might trash places and live in destruction.

I have even bought x mas present s already because I can not afford it all in a month.

I bought macadamia nuts for grandma and brothers.

A few other little goodies for others.

I have spent more money on beauty products like creams etc lately as I have got wrinkles this year they came and deepened.
I might save up regarding it.

I drove my mum to the airport and that was out of what I normally do as I avoid driving like that.