Are you isolated?

  • I am completely alone with no human contact
  • I have family who I see
  • I have a few acquaintances
  • I have some friends
  • I am a social butterfly

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I have family who look out for me but no real friends anymore.

Even though I have family around I still feel pretty isolated despite that.

My care coordinator has coffee with me once a week

I’m alone 99% of the time, i see the odd person at work, but for the most part I’m alone at work as well

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I used to work alone for a number of years when I was a Landscaper. I would perhaps see the client once or twice a day, but that was about it.

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Im alone 99% of the time. Unless i see my local indian shopkeeper round the corner. But its my choice. Ive realised i lack the social skills to really deal with people properly. And in my experience, most people take advantage of my good nature - and try and tax me for money - or drag me into their personal drama.

Im quite happy being a sorta hermit - life is less complicated and if i wanna chat i can always see my mate Debs upstairs, or phone mum.

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happy birthday @Naarai!!! :slight_smile:


Thank you mate! Hope you keeping well Fella :smiley:


I have two potential dates today @Naarai

Im trying to decided which women I like more

Lol jk. One honestly might be a scam or a lick. Either or that or shes really randy/horny if u know what I mean.

And the other one is just a really cool girl that’s really pretty too. Like damn. She hit me up last night saying “I wanna hang out” but I couldn’t because I was working. I think I like them equally as one another but we’ll see who responds first.


I spend all day by myself and then in the evenings my sister is home but she just watches tv and plays on her laptop. So I feel pretty isolated actually. I’m going to start therapy soon and a new life skills program and then I’ll feel less isolated. It’s a blessing really. I can’t wait.

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Personally - if your looking for a long term relationship. I would go for the lady thats not willing to jump your bones the first day you meet her. To me - that shows lack of character and honour.

Best of Luck. Hang out with the one thats got the most morals mate.


Lmao u would definitely hope id choose that one :wink:

Hopefully she hits me back again rather sooner than later

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I have my family but im so curious as to what will happen when I move out…will they wanna keep in touch and meet up regularly . I don’t wanna force it with them I actually want them to, and not feel like its duty… I always feel like people are gonna separate me from my family its a paranoia of mine.

I mean im not that close to them but I worry about the future.

I have 2 friends from studies and 1 from mi group but I don’t hang out much because im ashamed of my nothingness life. and with the guy friend I feel too anxious like im not good enuf or somink.

also I feel disconnected from everyone. the meds really severely exacerbated this! before the meds n illness I had this too but it was not as severe!!!

Not anymore but I know that feeling well. I have my sister and her husband and now that my anxiety is under control I have so many plans for the future.

I will be moving out soon into a place on my own - that will be the big test for me.

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I see stepfamily and the lady who cleans my flat each week. When I switch to 3 monthly depot I’ll see my depot nurse every 3 months. There are no friends .

No. I have my nuclear family, a few friends/acquaintances, colleagues, church people. Im horrible at being a good friend/family member/colleague, so i think i can be grateful they stick around. Sometimes they complain. I miss really having equal connections though and im not a social butterfly. I find it supertough to take initiative in social contacts, so often they slowly bleed to death.

I have daily social activity.
I feel like people dont understand me though
So i have a few friends.

I am a 30 years old man living with my mom. I isolated myself from others earlier due to anxiety though (tried to work from home, which didn’t work out well due to lack of skills/experience in the typical work-at-home jobs, and lacked funds to build up a business, so I pretty much lived off of my mom’s small income, and temporary jobs when it got difficult), I’ve only had schizophrenia for about a year now.

Im the same…

No social butterflies here I guess haha

Makes sense, I used to be pretty outgoing, but now due to the illness Im a little more subdued. Dont worry it gets better, Ive been improving with time and Im sure you will too, theres just dark valleys in the road sometimes :slight_smile:

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I hang out with friends probably like 3 days a week. Its kinda hard though because they always want to go out late and my meds knock me out big time