Are you in a relationship?

How is it are you both good together?

Do you have things in common?

Do you find it gets easier in the relationship the longer your together?

Do they understand and support?


Ive been with mine since i was 18 years old apart from the hospital times weve lived together. Hes understanding as much as he can but he tells me not to talk too much about mental illness because he doesn’t like talking about it. Thats why i like relating to you guys and vent sometimes here.
Weve grown together i feel because i used to find he was hyper like a whirlwind all the time but were both fit ok now hes slowed down.
Hes 50 yrs old this year and its our 27th year together but had a rocky road to get here

Peace out


We’ve been together 6 years going on 7.
We are complete opposites I mean I love crochet while he loves knitting… he is my best friend.


Ive been in a relationship for nearly 4 years, she found it difficult to start with but began to understand my condition and we’ve never been stronger!


I’ve never had a relationship other than physical intimacy with someone. I respect those who are in relationships i think it’s a beautiful thing. May everyone on this site who has a special bond with someone be with them hopefully happily ever after :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Getting married near the end of Summer. Known her for 2+ years. We have many things in common as well as common interests.


Congratulations!!! @yinyang

I love all your comments btw, you all are awesome!!


I’ve been married 14 years,

Together 16.

Living together almost all 16.

I try not to talk about my mental health constantly with my spouse.

Two reasons,

One is I don’t want MY life to revolve around mental illness.

Two, he cares and wants to hear,

But not all the time.

A simple “I’m not having a good day” is sufficient most the time.

Leaning on your spouse during difficult times is part of the relationship,

So if things are bad, I talk.

Bring it up all the time doesn’t help them or you.

Get a therapist.

They get paid for that ■■■■.



  1. I didn’t select trustworthy partners and wanted to break away from that.

  2. I was not capable of being a stable partner and don’t want another to suffer with me.

  3. I need to trust someone extremely well before letting them enter into kids life.

  4. I don’t meet many men who are reliable partners in my age group in this neighbourhood.

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Nope. I’m single. :shrimp::shrimp::shrimp:


No. I am past any interest in having a romantic partner at this point in my life. I’m getting old and have become accustomed to doing whatever I choose and I don’t feel like doing the work that a real romantic relationship usually requires. And I don’t have the sex drive that I used to so having sex is not something I am super motivated by now.

I just don’t see the upside of being in one at my current stage in life.


Ive been single for about 15 years


I have been married to my best friend for 21 years as of this coming July, together for 22.

We’re both trauma survivors from an early age and we get each other.

He has bipolar type 2, so he has his struggles, but 95% of the time he’s stable on meds.

He has truly seen my illness at its worst, and could not be more loyal.

I was actually in remission and off meds for our first four years together, and then all hell broke loose again.

I might not have gotten married had I known the hell I would put him through, but he insists he still always wants to be together. I’ve given him a few chances to get out over the years, but those are the only times he has actually gotten mad at me.

Couldn’t be more supportive.


I’m single pretty much always have been. Down to the fact schizophrenia has ruined working and social life


@Shmookitty ups and downs thats what to expect really especially when both have mh issues.

Im happy for you both that your happily in a relationship

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Dude and I have been together for nearly 16 years. You’ll get into arguments etc. Idk I’ve been through loneliness. Hope y’all are okay today.


I’m single and live alone. I’ve been single since my divorce in 1987. I’ve lived alone since 2020, when I cohabited briefly for 9 months.

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I’m in a relationship with myself, and’m learning to love myself


I love the way you write. I feel like I can hear your voice through the writing.


That’s a very high compliment!

Thank you!


I’ve been with my husband for 10 years, married for 9. We are opposites in many ways, yet very alike in other ways.

I rarely discuss my mental health with him. I rely on my mental health providers for that.