Are you identified with your illness?

I think schizophrenia is an all encompassing illness, so I do truly identify myself as schizophrenic. My names Karl and yes I do have schizophrenia, it very much identifies me. I don’t think people truly understand this illness until they have it.


I can totally relate to you.I find that once I told a person about my schizophrenia/mental illness I will be more comfortable and had little to hide…Anyway don’t just blindly tell anyone about your diagnosis because you can only tell it when the time is right.

I think about schizophrenia a lot,I am trying my best now to live life away from my illness,I think I can make it,I just need to do the right stuff,be more active in life.Sedentary lifestyle is especially bad for people with schizophrenia or depression

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I think I am suffering because of my thoughts too but at the end of the it me who should/could come to terms with them. They are self-defeating thoughts. I found mindfulness practice very usefull, it is in a way a kind of cognitive behavioral therapy. The name of the master is Jon Kabat-Zinn. He is great and wrote some wonderfull stuff about thinking. Nowadays I am concentrating on my breatihng to avoid uncontrolled thinking. I recommend strongly. All the best!

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I just realized something probably true for all of us here. if you see yourself as mostly “just” a schizophrenic that is exactly how others will perceive you as well!!

sometimes it is difficult to overcome this feeling, like when feeling overwhelmed by our disease. but focusing on the positive is always good it is just hard sometimes.


Thank you for that… I like that thought…

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We are many things.

You are anything that you can identify with being. Some will say, “Oh he is “only” lonely” because that just isn’t all true, and someone is trying to put you in just one place.

Or some just one other thing. Just say I am not just suffering with schizophrenic symptoms. I am also a lot of good things as well.