Are you cursed with knowledge

and are there things you know too much about that you wish you didn’t, and no this is not a thanos refrence even tho it still applies to the real world


TW:delusions in this post

There are a few things I think I’ve seen that most people haven’t. Due to psychosis, drugs, spiritual mind expanding/embracing experiences.

I think sometimes I do know too much. The most influential thing on me is that nothing really matters and that mindset makes me crazy when I see normal people enjoying their lives/business as if this world is totally real.

Yes it does seem real and I should be able to enjoy it despite the prospectus this may be fake.

Because after all, it’s all I know.

But I’ve seen inside the control room of life. I feel me and the creator of this “matrix” have a very intimate relationship.

I wish I didn’t see this all sometimes. Other times it’s more interesting than anything else, to me.

But I don’t think I have too much “real world knowledge”.

There’s infinite of this and nothing human can ever have it all obviously.

I hardly know anything about humans and earth.

And every human you’ve ever met knows something that you do not.


I don’t believe anything I think. I never know. Ok, there is logic where i can predict behaviour like hunger makes you get food.

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I’d believed I was gifted knowledge by the spirits, it’s part of my delusions


I have unusual beliefs and part of them is thinking I know too much about the occult.


Ever study Crowley?

Edit: I did, messed with me


Yes I did. :smile: I didn’t think much of 99% of his stuff. But 1% of his stuff made me go “hmmm…”


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