Do you think you know too much or too little and do you think it has contributed to your psychosis

I think knowing too much and having a creative brain has tipped me over the edge. I just wanna know what your experiences of this are. I also think the internet is bad because it gives you too much knowledge at once and for some people it can be too much and can literally send them mad.

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I think a life long approach to learning of many different fields that you relate to can enhance your life and make you feel better about being alive.


“I just want to know the experiences you’ve had.”

I’m working on an idea again for the title of my memoir even if it’s just a title it’s a cool thing to know about yourself if your asked at a party.

But dogging me (in the greatest of ways) in my life has been this theme of ‘beauty’ that can sometimes emit from oneself when they are in a state of being ‘ignorant’. ??

I need to chisel it I to something concise. Do you follow some or any of this?

Another thing you reminded me of is:

People ‘know what they know’ and they ‘know what they don’t know’ but they also ‘don’t know; what they don’t know.’


Yeah that is true but when you are more creative your brain tends to overanalyze things and then you are overwhelmed with thought

Knowledge can absolutely make people lose it if they aren’t ready for it, I strongly believe in “ignorance is bliss” just as the statement is, you can’t chase things if you don’t know they exist but I also strongly believe “knowledge is power” because just blindly wandering through life tends to get you nowhere fast, my experience was I knew just a little too much to be content with what I knew, but at the same time I didn’t know enough to be content with it either so I spent a lot of time searching for answers in alot of the wrong places which led me to worse places…but I eventually discovered that just accepting I didn’t have all the answers brought me more comfort than searching them out


Knowing Too Much?. Wisdom Would Like A Conversation With You.

Knowing Too Little?. Ignorance, Or Innocence. You Choose.

You See Dear Reader, We Are Granted By The Grace Of Purpose To Succeed.

Within Commonsense, Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace.


Think Before You Speak.


Chase Your Dreams. . . Calmly. . .


Assertively. . . . . . .

Before meds I thought I was uber clever. Yeah I was smart in some realms but totally dumb in other, important ones like intimacy. So. No. The paranoia contributed to psychosis and I think having the meds slow my brain down really did help. I thought too much about everything and racing thoughts was a curse.

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I think you can never know too much. I wish I knew a lot more. But I understand. It can increase your anxiety.


Not knowing enough made me psychotic.

I live in a shroud if ignorant bliss, I’m so troubled and disturbed I don’t wanna know what it means

I know that I don’t know much.

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I think I knew too little and became overwhelmed with how much I needed to know.

No, knowing too much or too little has nothing to do with sz lol

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