Are you better now than you were five years ago

Yes, I am better than I was 5 years ago…which really makes me happy!!! :smiley:



Five years ago I thought I was viktoria Beckham.

I also thought the water was poisonous.

I thought my father was someone else and a Muslim.

I had many delusions five years ago.

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That’s great………1515

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Five years ago, I had no personality due to meds and trauma. I had no opinions, I didn’t engage in conversation, I didn’t clean myself nor clean up after myself.
And I frequently dissociated.

I haven’t dissociated in ages, I clean up my messes and my hygiene is fine now.
I have my own opinions and interrest, and I’m engaging in conversations and replying more than just “yes”, “no” or “I don’t know”.


Of course I am. Five years ago I was devastated because of the baby I lost.

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That’s great, Miika!!..…1515

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Yes, but still have a long way to go. I was worse than blind. Severe neurological damage from anxiety and stress. Took time and not being afraid to talk. I could only see in 2 dimensions, motion was discrete, time didn’t exist, and sound didn’t have a dimension or location. I am much better. Just more paranoid now and cognizant about my life. More introspective and I believe I am healing in different ways although slow. I don’t suffer anymore.

Mri showed nothing besides some small white matter hyperintentsities from migraines…

I have less negative symptoms from supplements and better meds. I still have no drive or motivation. My hygiene is bad. I am obese. I’m 30 years old and no social life and I don’t work or do school.

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5 years ago, I had no schizophrenia.
3 years ago, schizophrenia started from me.
I’m much better than back then.

I’m at the 9 year mark. I have some fears and delusions, but they are real to me…

I suffered from matrix beliefs, solipsism to the extreme, and other things like no emotion or feelings or pleasure. Its a billion times better now.

I still have them. And SIMS, and truman show…

I have zero self control when it comes to foods.

I was delusional five years ago, had no home, was in jail for half a year banging my head against a wall. Now my life is mostly normal except for the occasional episode of distressing voices.


`1000000000 times better today than i was a few months ago … 5 years ago I kept skipping jobs

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That’s great Ish, that you are better. How did you get way better in a few months?

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Several years ago, I couldn’t see or perceive space like that thing that separates me and you and what we drive into. Crazy huh? It caused so much hell and a horrible experience. It was 24/7. At first, it looked blue or like a hologram. TV and video games were more real to me.

No.I felt I keep losing out even though I listen to advice from people I need to.Its like I am always struggle

Change of meds … i think I was on the wrong meds …

I dont comsider myself a better person…i am moody.

Most definitely yes. Much better.