Are you better now than you were five years ago

100x times better than five years ago

Five years ago I was a delusional wreck walking the streets alone at night. Now I live with my parents, have full control over my mind, slowly becoming more productive, no anhedonia, no apathy

Same here in both cases, 5 years ago I was much better off in terms of functionality, morality wise I was kind of going off the rails but then again it can be invigorating to go off the rails a bit.

But yeah, feels like two unrelated lives.

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I am much better back then. No intrusive thoughts or panic/anxiety attacks.

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Definitely not. People are always trying to destroy me. It gets worse all the time.

Let me think …
5 years ago I was on probation trying to drink without going to jail.
I was living in a group home and wasn’t getting along with roommates…
Nowadays I have my own one bedroom apartment…
I cook n clean with out anyone breathing down my neck…

I get tired and alone sometimes with highs and lows but overall I’m doing better making my own decisions…

Hell yes, I was unmedicated, suicidal and dangerous 5 years ago. I was going to be arrested. Now I accepted to take my meds and found a med without dangerous side effects.

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I’m married now, living in a good place.
I still have no friends though, that is something that gets me down.

I am better than I was, no longer addicted to drugs and alcohol!!! :dancer:


That’s great!!..……151515

I’m better for sure. I was working a dead end job years ago, and on probation. I now have my own apartment, have SSDI and SSI income, Food stamps. No longer have to work a job that sucks. I have a ABLE account with decent amount of money saved. I wish I wasn’t still on the same dose of medication though.


Much better headache and symptom wise.

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Yeah, definitely better, 5 years ago i lost 30 pounds/15kg due to a psychosomatic psychotic depression.
Now i have no problems with the weight and feeling better.

Thanks for the reminder.!

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Five years ago I wasn’t schizophrenic and was very very high functioning. A year later I had sudden onset with no prodrome and it suuuccckkkeeedd. However today I am back to normal functioning, albeit with a better sense of self care.

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I’m better than I was 5 years ago yet my job situation is just as bad. I worked briefly with a work placement in IT, yet that was is 2015/2016 and only lasted a few months. The delusions are an incredibly annoying aspect of schizophrenia and something I am happy has ended. I no longer have differing views on who I am or my background, yet found my childhood confusing. I want to find employment as soon as possible, yet in the meantime want to move into supported housing. This is, housing for those with mental health problems.

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Your are welcome bluebutterfly… :smiley:

That’s great Air…151515

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I took a lot of work and heavy doses of antipsychotics. I’m still not as happy as I used to be but I’m functional.

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Yes. I’m getting older and my symptoms aren’t too bad these days.

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I had truemanshow for a while too.

Many many years ago.

I thought everyone pretended to love me and were paid to pretend .

I thought my family etc wanted to kill me and later someone was going to be paid $ 10 million dollars to marry me but no one wanted to or were convinced not to.

Many moans and gunshots and voices back then.

Good now though.
No voices anymore :partying_face:.

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Well, for me the only way for it to get better is if I can get on section 8 …
I’m just thankful I have a place for now

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