Are you athletic?

I wish I was. People who naturally love exercise and sports are so lucky because they’ll always be in shape and fit lol.

Growing up my parents forced us all into sports, mostly during summertime so we would be active and not just lounge around playing videogames all day, which was our preferred activity. I hated them for it then but I appreciate it now, as it did keep me healthy and I have a lot of good memories from various sports even though I was terrible at almost all of them.

As a little kid I mostly got put in sports camps where we’d play a variety of sports. Then sometime in elementary school my mom thought it would be a good idea to sign my brother and I up for track and field…awful idea. I don’t think we lasted a week, we’d refuse to run and would sit on the bleachers lol. Then 6th grade I was on a softball team and I loved it. Only sport I’m actually decent at, and the team was made up of my best friends. My dad coached us. Then for some reason I never played it again past that season.

Around that time I also got into tennis, did some camps for it, had some lessons, but was so hopelessly terrible at it I didn’t continue. Also in 6th grade I started swim team, which I was also awful at but found I preferred it to other sports because I could stay cool and didn’t have to run, plus I loved the water. (Sadly years of swimming has killed that love lol, too much of a good thing) I ended up sticking with swimming until 11th grade and I haven’t done any sports since then. I have some great memories from swim team. We had a lot of fun, made a lot of friends. My other brother ended up getting really great at it and swam for varsity in highschool, where their team was the best in state. I just went from majorly sucking at it to minorly sucking at it though, lol.

My brother after him was the least athletic of all of us…exercise of any kind basically made him throw a fit, he hated it and was unbelievably bad at everything. Then he randomly started caring about fitness in hs when he “bloomed” and joined the intramural track team of his own accord. So funny, as his younger self would have DIED in track, yet he had a lot of fun with it. I believe he had to quit once his schedule got really busy with theater and choir though.

My youngest brother is the only athletic one of all of us. He loves sports and has played them all. His current favorites are basketball and baseball. My little sisters it’s too early to tell, though one of them did pretty well in swimming. They also did soccer briefly but weren’t too good at it. But is anyone that young?? Hahaha.

My dad loves sports but our mom was more unathletic like us and did swim team as a kid just to stay in shape. So obviously almost all of us inherited her genes, thanks mom, haha.


I’m trying to be. I found a passion for boxing. But growing up I was very bad at sports. Terrible coordination. And just didn’t care for them. I think my athleticism bloomed very late too. I was surprised how athletic I could get when I was like 18 compared to years of the past.

The one sport I had a passion for growing up, but I gave it up, was tae kwon do. I quit when I was like 13. I was pretty good.

And my new neighborhood has a pool. I was in love with swimming before the cold weather came. I think I love swimming because I have an arthritis-like issue all over my body. The pool feels like heaven taking the weight off me.


when I was a kid, I loved running. I used to run wherever I wanted. :slight_smile:

I ran to parks, train stations, bus stops, home, and anywhere I wanted too. :smiley:

now I’m too old to be doing that without freaking people out. :frowning:

yeah. and after a while, I would get exhausted and I would look around the corner to make sure bullies weren’t following me. :disappointed_relieved:

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Running feels awesome. The wind smashing against you and you feel like you’re flying.


Swimming was the only sport I ever liked, did lots of it, not so much anymore but work is very physical, loaded 3 tons by myself today in 2 hours.


I always wanted to do martial arts. My dad didn’t allow it because it was “nerdy” in his opinion. (How?? Why??) Eventually my mom managed to squeeze my brothers into tae Kwan do for a bit but it didn’t last long without my dad’s support.


I always hated running. Can’t sympathize with that at all. I loved swimming because it’s the only sport you don’t have to run at all.

I’m very clumsy and uncoordinated physically and my body just wasn’t meant to run. Or even walk… Just walking quickly today I quickly got hip pain. I also mess up my knees and my ankles sometimes randomly twist, usually sending me flat on my face…I also commonly pull the muscles in the bottom of my feet which can be painful too…I think it’s due to one of my legs being longer than the other, my roommate said that could cause it along with my odd gait, but I’m not sure.

I love to run but I’m allergic to my AP and it makes my muscles stiff and joints sore. Trying to get motivated to do the elliptical I think I might be able to handle that. The cold water in the pool really tightens up my muscles so even though it’s low impact I can’t do it. So I really need to get motivated new year is coming.:slight_smile:

I played sports throughout out my childhood too. But the only organized sports I ever did was a season of Little League when I was 12 and then later I went out for soccer at my high school when was 15 and made the varsity team. I think the coach just felt sorry for me and didn’t want to demote me to Junior Varsity, lol…

But me and my friends were always playing tackle football in the park on weekends or getting 8 or 9 guys together and playing baseball. I used to be real good at tennis. My parents both played and they taught us kids how to play when we were 6 or 7 years old. I got pretty good. When I was about 14 in the summer I would meet my friend at the tennis courts near us to play tennis. We would play matches in the hottest part of the day. So it would 6 or 7 sets in the boiling sun playing as hard as we could.

I also played a lot of Ping-Pong, lol.


man, reading that post makes me dream of your younger self, nick! :slight_smile:

I’m not going to ask for black & white pictures… that would be weird… eh? :disappointed_relieved:


Lol ping pong is tha bomb


Yeah, I was the schizophrenic champ in the psych ward.

I would say, “BOW down, you Bi-polar’s and depressive people, the master is here, suspicious and paranoid about any pretenders to my crown”.


Not incredibly athletic here. I enjoy lifting weights and doing my incline walking on the treadmill. Lifting weights really makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. Used to play sports as a kid, too, but I’m not really built for that, haha.

I do gentle yoga every day for 40-60 minutes a day. And I play the piano for 45 minutes a day. That is exercise too believe it or not. Plus, I always take the stairs in my apartment building. And no, I was never what you would call athletic.

On a scale of 0 to 10 for athleticism I’d be pushed to reach 1 . I was always the last or next to last to be picked for teams at school.
The only sport I was adequate at(not fast but a slow and steady plodder) was swimming.

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I did martial arts for a few years in my teens got taught weight training from the time I could walk but now I am the opposite to athletic and very overweight due to condition am coming of medication so I will loose weight but I don’t know if I could ever train again

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I was once upon a time, and then aliens, faeries, and witches happened.


I used to lift weights and run and bike and dance and box and now i cry in bed and wish for a better day. :upside_down:

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Not always true. I love running. It’s my absolute favorite hobby. But I haven’t been physically able to run in almost 5 years. I’m seriously overweight and am far from fit even though I love exercise. I was even an exercise science major in college.

Yes. I played high school basketball but i cant play sports these days much because of back pain