Are you good at

Are you good at any sports
I used to like netball but never got picked for the team
I was really bad at running
I got a certificate for the long jump


When i was young i had a pretty good shot in basketball. I got picked a lot in gym to be on a good team. I wasn’t all that fast and couldn’t jump very high so i never played high school ball or anything.


this is my daughter in cross country, and basketball. She went to Mt. Pleasant b.b. camp and got the Hustler award. She was the cross country captain. I’m old enough to remember 6 on 6 for girls in basketball, a real turn off, so I went into cheerleading. I’m not bad in volleyball though.


I was always bad at every sport. So I just learned to avoid them. I don’t watch sports either now. In short, I have no interest in sport whatsoever lol.

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I used to like watching John McEnroe playing tennis only to see his tantrums


I played basketball everyday for a couple of hours starting in middle school. I would go play basketball after games and practices.

My feet were very bad and had slow foot speed. I always wanted to play basketball in college, but I knew my agility wasn’t good enough. It broke my heart. My coach said some mean things to me.

I ended up quitting with a couple games left with my senior season. I did have love for the game, but it just wasn’t fun anymore.


I liked netball alot was taller than most so played a good GK even tho due to asthma couldnt run much now im really unfit but would love to join a team if i got fitter.


I was useless at sports. At my public school most boys played rugby. The not so able ones of us played football. I was usually chosen last for a side. I was then put in goal incurring the wrath of my team mates as I let in umpteen goals . The worst place to put a poor player is as the last line of defence. As I was perhaps the most unpopular boy ever at that school I suspect it was done deliberately as a further excuse to bully me.


I used to be somewhat good at climbing. Nothing special, just recreationally good. I think i had a bit of talent, and the right build for it (very slim, but sporty), though i didnt train enough to be real good. Now im less strong, untrained and 20-25kg heavier…so not good anymore.


That’s really cool :sunglasses:!!!

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I liked playing tennis. Always wished I could try curling. I ran one marathon with my daughter. I wasn’t very fast but I did it.

Now I’m great at watching sports lol.
Me and my daughter after the marathon


I was always just lousy at all sports.

I was into ice skating for a while.

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I was a good swimmer for years, quit going when I moved here

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I was voted the mvp in football and basketball my senior year of high school as well as most athletic. I could’ve played d3 in college but decided not to.

I had no love for football, which made me really good at it coincidentally. but I loved basketball, was the point guard and averaged about 10pts per game and 6 or 7 assists. also led the team in steals. basketball was my passion back then but d3 was lower than I was shooting for.

in hindsight I wish I would have gotten a useless degree from one of the private liberal arts colleges that wanted me to play basketball, and gone on to become a high school history teacher and basketball coach.


Why didn’t you like my daughter’s picture. No big deal but I think you avoid me.

I never really got into organized sports. All I did was Little League one year when I was about 10 or 11 and then later soccer at my high school when I was 16.

But outside of school me and my friends played a lot of football, a lot of baseball, and basketball.

Is being invisible a sport? Because man, I excelled in that all through high school. My competition didn’t have a chance against me.

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In high school I played varsity soccer and varsity tennis (doubles).


I used to play soccer but I wasn’t popular enough so didn’t make the team.
I was also a fast runner so I joined the track team in high school.

I also was a wrestler for a while in high school.

I’m pretty good at ping pong!


I played hockey and discus. I sucked azz. Oh well. Life happens.